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Each entity is required to submit a written annual progress report to the responsible administrative official and an electronic copy to the Office of the Vice President of Research and Economic Development. This document is to serve as the basis for an annual review. The report should focus on the progress made during the year with regard to achieving the stated goals and objectives of the entity, as well as the use of any University funds assigned to the unit. The purpose of the review is to provide timely oversight and feedback to the director and the participating faculty and staff, as well as to ensure quality performance and appropriate financial stewardship of University resources. The progress report will be reviewed by the advisory committee associated with each entity. The advisory group will provide a written evaluation of the entity to the director with copies to the responsible administrative official and the vice president of research and economic development.

Each entity will undergo a comprehensive periodic review that will normally occur in the final year of the entity’s established period of existence. This review can be triggered earlier by the responsible administrator if, in his or her opinion, there is a reason to do so. Responsibility for this review is at the administrative level at which the entity was created. For Level III entities, the review must include input from external reviewers who are recognized experts in the area of specialization of the entity as well as appropriate deans. The outcome of the comprehensive review may be: continuation of the entity for another period of time not to exceed five years with a revised strategic plan; reassignment of the reporting level with a continuation not to exceed five years and a new strategic plan; or closure of the entity. Significant changes in the status of an entity may require approval by the State Board of Education/Board of Regents of the University of Idaho. Those entities created with outside funding or at as a condition of an award will normally close with the expiration of the funding. However the entity may choose to undergo a comprehensive review with the result being one of the three options listed above.

Members of Level III entities may submit proposals through this entity provided the topic of the proposal is within the vision and mission of the entity. Those proposals that do not fall within the vision and mission of the entity will be submitted through the faculty member’s home department. Members of Level II and Level I entities will submit proposals through normal channels.