Pathway after Invention Disclosure

After receiving the completed disclosure form, OTT will conduct patentability analysis to identify prior art that may “knocks out” the provided disclosure. We will also do primary research on the market potential of the invention. A decision will be made thereafter by the IP committee based on the analysis results. In the majority of cases, we will file a provisional patent application with the information that you provide. This application provides the means to establish an early effective filing date and allows the term “Patent Pending” to be applied in connection with the description of the invention. A provisional patent application must provide a complete written description that enables one of skill in the art to practice the invention. A member of the OTT staff can help you determine the level of detail necessary.

A provisional patent application will automatically be abandoned 12 months after its filing date. During this period, OTT members will help the inventor look for potential licensees. As soon as a licensee is found, a non-provisional patent application will be filed keeping the filing date of the provisional application. External patent attorneys will be hired to file the non-provisional patent application. A member of the OTT staff can help you meet all the description requirement.

The following flowchart shows the general pathway of invention disclosure, patent application, and commercialization at the OTT.

OTT flow chart