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Licensed Technologies

  • Non-Agriculture Technologies

    (LIC-00069) A Web-based System for INBRE (Idea Network of Biomedical Research Excellence) Administrative Reporting
    Summary - A web-based system for administrative reporting on major federally funded program. By implementing this software, the users can increase their reporting efficiency greatly.
    Status - Licensed exclusively, worldwide

    (LIC-00066) Intercalator-Functionalized Oligonucleotides Invader Probes for Detecting Nucleic Acid Targets
    Summary - A probe comprising one or more pairs of monomers capable of targeting a nucleic acid target. The pair of monomers are arranged in a manner that promotes thermoinstability of the probe complex, thus producing a probe capable of locating and/or detecting a target.
    Status - Licensed exclusively in "animal reproduction" field of use, worldwide.
    Currently Available in other Fields of Use

    (LIC-00064) Reactive Filtration Technology known as Blue-CAT
    Summary - A method for treating waste water includes passing ozonized waste water through a bed of moving sand.
    Status - Licensed exclusively, worldwide

    (LIC-00063) Viral Infection Detection
    Summary - A method for determining the presence of a viral infection in an animal not known to have been infected with a virus or other disease-causing microbial organism by determining the level of Mx protein or other Type I Interferon-inducible protein in the animal.
    Status - Licensed exclusively, worldwide

    (LIC-00060) Method for Determining of the Pregnancy Status of Ungulates
    Summary - A method and kit for determining whether an animal is not pregnant, or is pregnant following a breeding. The level of expression of a pregnancy induced protein is determined in an animal for which pregnancy status information is desired and the level is compared to that of the level in animals that are not pregnant.
    Status - Licensed exclusively, worldwide
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    (LIC-00059) Reactive Filtration Technology known as Blu-PRO
    Summary - A method for removing phosphorus, arsenic or a heavy metal from water includes introducing a metal salt reagent into the water at a molar ratio of 5:1 to 200:1 to the phosphorous or the arsenic in the water and passing the water through a bed of moving sand.
    Status - Licensed exclusively, worldwide
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    (LIC-00007) Research-Based Education Program known as BlockFest
    Summary - A research-based exhibit that helps raise awareness of early math and science learning by offering hands-on block play experiences to families with young children.
    Status - Licensed exclusively
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    (LIC-00003) Method and System for Recovering Metal from Metal-Containing Material
    Summary - A method and system for recovering metals, such as uranium, from metal-containing materials, particularly by extraction in a liquid or supercritical-fluid solvent.
    Status - Licensed exclusively
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  • Agriculture Technologies