Scour-deposition Sensor

OTT Case 12-009 | Patent Pending

scourStreambed morphology is in constant evolution causing scour and deposition processes. These processes affect engineering structures such as bridge piers, levee foundations, apron footings, ecological processes in addition to restoration, enhancement and improvement projects for streams and rivers. Monitoring streambed evolution over time is an essential component of river and watershed management. Limitations of current technology are the cost and difficulty of deploying a large array of sensors such that the distributed erosion-deposition pattern can be obtained. Researchers at the University of Idaho have developed a new scour-deposition instrument that is both a low-cost and real-time sensor.  In addition to monitoring scour-deposition in real-time, this sensor would have applications for quantifying streambed sediment thermal properties, benthic thermal regime and for monitoring connectively between stream and aquifer. Figure depicts a prototype senor fitted with four temperatures probes (silver bands).