FRP-confined Precast Concrete Sandwich Roof Panel

OTT case 11-025 | patent pending

Roof panelTraditional roofs consist of roofing material and insulation layer on top of a supporting structure. Each are constructed separately, which is time consuming and labor intensive. The FPCS roof panel innovatively combines the roofing, insulation, and supporting structure into one integral part, to achieve high performance in strength and energy efficiency, and reducing construction costs.

Three-point evaluation of the bending behavior of FPCS panel prototypes under roof/floor load was conducted in late 2012. Funding for this evaluation was provided for by the Idaho State Board of Education under the Higher Education Research Council (HERC) Incubation Funds.

Roof panelThe 43 students from the PI’s course of CE441-Reinforced Concrete Design in the Fall of 2012 were divided into 11 teams. Each team was responsible for constructing and testing one panel (i.e. 10 inch deep, 2 ft wide, and 9 ft long), including rebar cutting, rebar assembling, formwork construction, concrete pouring, concrete vibrating, panel construction, form stripping, test setup, and panel testing. Maximum loads were found to exceeded 15,000 lbs.