Participating in Commencement

All students who will be graduating may participate in commencement ceremonies to celebrate their academic accomplishments.  Participation in the commencement ceremony does not mean you have graduated as you will not receive your diploma on that day.  Find out more about your diploma

In order to have your name appear in the commencement program, the Office of the Registrar must approve your graduation application by March 20 for spring commencement and October 20 for fall commencement.

After applying for graduation, students should confirm their Ceremony Reservation and Hometown in VandalWeb under the Student Information/Registration Menu.  Your ceremony reservation is not complete until you submit it through VandalWeb and you need to confirm your hometown as it will print in the commencement program and public newspapers.  You may return to Ceremony Reservation and Hometown during the semester to update your ceremony plans as needed.

Graduation Apparel

Full academic apparel is required for participation in the ceremony.  Students may order apparel and other graduation items at GradFest in Moscow each March and October.  Online and phone ordering options become available after each GradFest for off-campus students and those unable to attend the event.  Visit the Graduation Apparel page for more details.

Requesting to Walk Through Commencement Before Degree Completion

Students approved to walk through commencement before degree completion are not eligible for honors recognition at commencement and will not wear an honor cord at the ceremony.

Your college dean's office can tell you under what conditions you may be allowed to participate in the commencement ceremony, even though you will complete the final course work and graduate the following semester. These conditions vary by college and most require you to be within a set number of credits from graduation.

If you meet the conditions of your college, you must apply for your degree through VandalWeb. During the application, you will select the semester in which you will complete degree requirements (your completion semester) and on a separate page of the application, you will select the ceremony you want to attend. Submitting the application will kickoff two separate approvals: one requesting to attend the ceremony and the other for meeting degree requirements in the completion semester. Your college dean’s office will review your request to walk early and approve or deny the request. You will receive an email notification of your college’s decision.

When commencement is over, your college dean’s office will review your application for graduation and check to see if you meet degree requirements for the completion semester. Again, you will receive an email notification of your college’s decision.

Remember, your official date of graduation—recorded on your transcript and diploma—will be the semester in which you complete your final degree requirements.