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FFF Phase 1 Process Overview
5/15 SBOE Retreat where Board announced program prioritization – Robert Dickeson facilitated a discussion
5/17 Memo from SBOE outlining initial steps of identifying our criteria for approval at June Board meeting
5/28 President Burnett held meetings with senior leadership and faculty senate leadership to discuss the continued use of UI criteria that had initial internal discussion and approval in 2008 process
6/12 Board Deadline for submission of materials
6/19 Board approval of proposed criteria at SBOE Meeting
7/2 Board follow up meeting with the State's higher education academic leaders
7/22 Community-wide communication from Provost/EVP and Executive Vice President Katherine Aiken
8/5 Dickeson Webinar participation by Administrative Roundtable (CD broadly available)
9/16 Presentation and input at President’s Breakfast
9/16 Board deadline for submission of materials
10/16 Update presentation at SBOE Meeting
10/14 Provost/EVP appoints Phase 1 Task Force
10/24 Phase 1 Task Force submits program templates, rubric and review process to Provost/EVP for comment.
10/25 All Unit Leads submit list of programs to Provost/EVP for approval
10/28 Provost/EVP submits program template, rubric, and review process to Unit Leads for comment
10/29 Provost/EVP approves or requires changes to program list
10/30 Final program template, rubric, and review process distributed to Unit Leads
12/2 All Unit Reports submitted to appropriate VP or EVP (deadline extended from 11/15) 
12/3 Status report to Faculty Senate 
12/3-12/9 Appropriate VP returns Unit Reports to make any changes
12/10 Unit Leads submit final Unit Report to Provost/EVP and appropriate VP
12/11 Begin Phase 2 University-wide Prioritization
FFF Phase 2 University-Wide Prioritization
11/1 Provost/EVP appoints Phase 2 Task Force
UL - unit leads | PL - program leads | P1TF - Phase 1 Task Force