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FFF Phase 1 Process Overview
5/15 SBOE Retreat where Board announced program prioritization – Robert Dickeson facilitated a discussion
5/17 Memo from SBOE outlining initial steps of identifying our criteria for approval at June Board meeting
5/28 President Burnett held meetings with senior leadership and faculty senate leadership to discuss the continued use of UI criteria that had initial internal discussion and approval in 2008 process
6/12 Board Deadline for submission of materials
6/19 Board approval of proposed criteria at SBOE Meeting
7/2 Board follow up meeting with the State's higher education academic leaders
7/22 Community-wide communication from Provost/EVP and Executive Vice President Katherine Aiken
8/5 Dickeson Webinar participation by Administrative Roundtable (CD broadly available)
9/16 Presentation and input at President’s Breakfast
9/16 Board deadline for submission of materials
10/16 Update presentation at SBOE Meeting
10/14 Provost/EVP appoints Phase 1 Task Force
10/24 Phase 1 Task Force submits program templates, rubric and review process to Provost/EVP for comment.
10/25 All Unit Leads submit list of programs to Provost/EVP for approval
10/28 Provost/EVP submits program template, rubric, and review process to Unit Leads for comment
10/29 Provost/EVP approves or requires changes to program list
10/30 Final program template, rubric, and review process distributed to Unit Leads
12/2 All Unit Reports submitted to appropriate VP or EVP (deadline extended from 11/15) 
12/3 Status report to Faculty Senate 
12/3-12/9 Appropriate VP returns Unit Reports to make any changes
12/10 Unit Leads submit final Unit Report to Provost/EVP and appropriate VP
12/11 Begin Phase 2 University-wide Prioritization
FFF Phase 2 University-Wide Prioritization

Provost/EVP appoints Phase 2 Task Force                        

4/11  Idaho institutions of higher education submit status report to the State Board of Education 
4/15 Academic officers from all Idaho institutions of higher education meet with SBOE Office staff for final instructions regarding the SBOE reporting requirements for program prioritization
4/23  University wide communication regarding Focus For the Future proposals 
Unit meetings scheduled to discuss proposals 
Two week comment period for suggestions to Provost Council and other groups for consideration and recommendations to President Staben
5/23  University wide communication regarding Focus For the Future Feedback Response 
7/1  Anticipated date for university wide communication regarding final decisions on the Focus For the Future proposals
UL - unit leads | PL - program leads | P1TF - Phase 1 Task Force