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FFF Process


We will conduct the Focus for the Future (FFF) initiative a number of phases. The first two phases are summarized in the project timeline

In Phase 1, we will identify all programs at the University of Idaho and will describe them through a combination of metrics and narrative description. The programs will each be evaluated according to nine criteria . In Phase 2, we will use this information to inform a process whereby all programs will be distributed into quintiles.

Phase One

The first milestone of Phase 1 is to submit completed reports of all university programs to the appropriate Vice President by December 2 that reflect the discussions unit leaders have been holding in their units since the start of the year. To achieve this goal, each unit will engage in the following evaluation process:

  1. Define the the list of programs to be evaluated – Due October 28
    Each Unit Lead (UL) submits their list of programs, along with an identified Program Lead (PL), to the appropriate Vice President (VP). The four university VP’s will review all unit lists for consistency and completeness and approve or request changes to each unit’s list.
  2. Complete the unit review process – Due December 2
    Each Unit Lead will meet with their Program Leads (PL) to complete the review process and unit report.
    • Define optional metrics – Unit Leaders will define any optional metrics the unit will include in addition to the required metrics assigned by the VP. These optional metrics may be common to all sub-units or programs in your unit or not; it is up to your unit to determine this.
    • Gather data - Each Program Lead works with their programs to provide access to data relevant to the program review. Academic programs will use data provided by Institutional Research and Assessment; other programs will use data appropriate to their area and affirmed by their PL. 
    • Complete Program Reports - Each PL works with their members to conduct a program self-review using each of the nine criteria in the Program Scoring Rubric. Add Program Scoring Rubric to Program Report - Upon completion of the rubric, the PL will copy and paste the rubric from the Program Scoring Rubric into the Program Report and complete the metric and narrative portions of the report (see FAQ for instructions on how to copy Excel files into Word files). The completed Program Reports are then sent to the UL. 
    • Review Program and Sub-unit scoring - Each Unit Lead will conduct a self-review of its program and sub-units using each of the nine criteria using the Program Scoring Rubric, assigning a rating of 1-5 and providing the rationale for this assignment in the space provided in the rubric. 
    • Complete Unit Reports - Each UL will complete a self-review of his/her unit and submit their Unit Report. All of these reports will be submitted to the appropriate Vice President by December 2.
  3. Report approvals and change requests – Completed by December 9
    All Vice Presidents will review their program reports. For each report, the VP will either approve it as is or request changes.
  4. Final reports – Due December 10
    All of the unit reports will be submitted to the appropriate Vice President and Provost/EVP in final form by December 10.

The Focus for the Future Timeline summarizes key milestones and communications for Phases 1 and 2.