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Blue Ribbon Strategic Initiatives | April 2006

University of Idaho Blue Ribbon Committee
Five Strategic Initiatives ($5.5 Million Investment Fund)
Noted April 2006
1) "Water of the West: Towards a Sustainable, Interdisciplinary Water Resources Program," $1.6 million over five years to a team of 25 faculty, led by Jan Boll, associate professor of Agricultural Engineering, to launch a water resources graduate program.
2) "Nanomaterials for Basic and Applied Cell Biology," $1.6 million over five years to a team of seven faculty, led by Dave McIlroy, associate professor of Physics, to establish an interdisciplinary program to integrate nanomaterials research with cell biology and bioscience research.
3) "Building Sustainable Communities: A New University and Community Partnership," $1.6 million over five years to a team of 13 faculty and staff, led by Steve Drown, chair of the Landscape Architecture Department, and Steve Hollenhorst, chair of the Conservation Social Sciences Department. The initiative will establish an academic program in bioregional planning and community design; outreach to communities with sustainable community planning and development; and training for elected officials and professionals to plan and manage community resources for sustainable futures.
4) "Sustainable Idaho: Learning Together, Leading the Way," $450,000 over five years. Maxine Dakins, associate professor of Environmental Science, and Chris Dixon, academic and administrative coordinator of the Environmental Science Program, will lead a team of faculty, staff and students to bring institutional sustainability to the university and to communities throughout the state.
5)  "Idaho Professional Ethics Initiative," $225,000 over five years to Douglas Lind, professor of Philosophy and chair of the Philosophy Department, to coordinate a campuswide interdisciplinary program related to professional ethics, diversity and social justice.