University of Idaho FY2010 Fiscal Update | Feb. 24, 2010

Dear University of Idaho Faculty, Staff and Students,

I write with an update to confirm that the University will implement a furlough plan, the details of which are being completed over the next few days and will be communicated early next week. The University is a complex organization, with many different functions and units and many different funding sources. As such, a furlough plan for the university is itself a complex process. Any furlough action, in any organization, is a major change and requires careful planning. We are committed to doing that planning so that the implementation is as smooth as possible and employees are treated fairly. This plan will be specific for the remainder of FY2010. In developing the plan, we have been focused on maintaining the quality of our students' education and ensuring that the furlough requirements are applied in the most consistent way possible in this fiscal year.

I appreciate the thoughtful contributions of so many individuals from across our institution as we have discussed various furlough options. These are financially difficult times, and furloughs are a difficult step in resolving our financial issues. However, if we work collaboratively on meeting these challenges, I know we can position the institution to be stronger and more effective in the future. These are circumstances during which the characteristics of leadership have truly been displayed from across the institution.

Duane Nellis

M. Duane Nellis, President
University of Idaho
Administration Building 105
Moscow, Idaho 83844-3151
208-885-6558 [fax]