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Values & Vision


We will be a leader among land-grant and flagship institutions in the 21st century by promoting an entrepreneurial spirit; embracing the contributions of multiple cultures, identities, and perspectives; and bringing together the talents and enthusiasm of faculty, staff, and students. We will be widely recognized as a creative university that is both environmentally and fiscally sustainable and is an engaged partner in addressing the changing needs of our stakeholders in Idaho, the nation, and the world.

Principles & Values

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  • "Learn, Create, and Innovate"
    As Idaho's flagship institution we are committed to student-centered, hands-on applied learning. Our globally competitive research and creative activity further Idaho's economic success and provide innovative solutions to the challenges facing our nation and the world.
  • "Preserve and Transmit Knowledge"
    As a “High Research” institution, we honor our history and preserve the information and understanding that provides the foundation upon which our current and future directions rely. We commit to preserving and promoting the ongoing transmission of information so future generations have access to the foundational core of knowledge.
  • "Act with Integrity"
    Adherence to and shared understanding of ethical principles is necessary for effective collaboration within an educational community. Internal congruence as well as openness and transparency in decision making and leadership foster confidence in our institution’s future.
  • "Treat Others with Respect"
    Central to our productivity and morale is a climate that is civil and respectful. The University of Idaho is an extensive and diverse community of people from different backgrounds and with varied beliefs. The community’s vitality is dependent upon the acceptance of and participation from all of its members.
  • "Celebrate Excellence"
    Individual commitment to excellence is central to the values this institution promotes. We believe in leadership grounded in the credibility of excellence that successfully educates those seeking knowledge and celebrates success when those educated apply that knowledge to the challenges presented by our world.
  • "Change Lives"
    The University of Idaho is a community that supports and prepares its members to serve the world. Through engagement in campus life, academic programs and co-curricular offerings, lives are changed. Further, we value actively participating in opportunities to improve the quality of life beyond our institution and in so doing the University of Idaho community provides leadership in service when and wherever needed.
  • "Welcome and Include Everyone"
    This community recognizes its future successes are achievable only when all voices and perspectives are included and valued. We particularly welcome viewpoints and contributions of newcomers to our community. We believe that an institution is only as strong as its ability to invite and include diverse perspectives as we all contribute to the University of Idaho’s mission.
  • "Take Responsibility for the Future"
    While learning from the past and understanding the world that exists today, members of the University of Idaho community embrace their obligation to ensure the sustainability of our future. For this community, ensuring sustainability is a comprehensive challenge to acknowledge the sensitivity of the natural environment to human impacts. We seek to adopt viable business practices in a financial environment that supports our defined priorities, and to deliver intellectual and creative services that consider the relevancy of our projects and programs for those that follow us.