Take Action


President's Message

I’m proud to present “Leading Idaho,” our new, five-year, strategic plan. It will help us fulfill our promise as a 21st Century land-grant university to lead and inspire Idaho, the nation, and the world. This plan helps ensure we have a common path for continued improvement and targets that we can work towards as a community. It will help us shape our own destiny.

I am thankful for the tireless efforts of the committee members from across the University who invested more than seven months and thousands of hours in developing this plan. Further, more than 2,500 faculty, staff and students read the plan and more than 436 commented on it. Every one of those inputs were read and considered. To everyone involved, please know that you efforts are not only appreciated but also essential to our success.

Please look at this as an action plan that will shape what we do as well as how we do it. Every staff and faculty member should be able to link his or her efforts to the new plan. All units will develop strategic actions that advance the overall strategic direction, vision, and values articulated in the plan.

Together, we’ll continue to work for a brighter future. Thank you for making a positive difference for the future!