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Goal 4: Community & Culture

Be a purposeful, ethical, vibrant, and open community.

Context: Our community is characterized by openness, trust, and respect.  We value all members for their unique contributions, innovation, and individuality.  Our community and culture must adapt to change, seek multiple perspectives, and seize opportunity.  We are committed to a culture of service, internally and externally.  We value a diverse community for enhanced creativity, cultural richness, and an opportunity to apply our full intellectual capacity to the challenges facing Idaho, the nation, and the world.

Objective A:

Be a community committed to access and inclusion.


  1. Recruit and retain a diverse student body.
  2. Recruit and retain diverse faculty and staff.
  3. Expand opportunities for cultural competency training.
  4. Build extended community partnerships to enhance an environment that values diversity.


Objective B:

Be a community committed to civility and respect.


  1. Promote civil and respectful dialogue and debate both in and out of the classroom.
  2. Increase systematic, consistent, and productive responses to behaviors that are destructive to the community.
  3. Promote a sense of concern for and accountability to others.


Objective C:

Be a community committed to productivity, sustainability, and innovation.


  1. Reward individuals and units that aim high, work across boundaries, and capitalize on strengths to advance the overall strategic direction, vision, and values of the institution.
  2. Develop and promote activities to increase collaboration with new and unique partners.
  3. Energize the community and foster commitment to university-wide endeavors by communicating our successes.
  4. Create efficiencies through innovative collaboration, shared goals, and common experiences.
  5. Invigorate the community by promoting attitudes of leadership and excellence.
  6. Steward our financial assets, infrastructure, and human resources to optimize performance.