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U-Idaho students Volunteering

Goal 3: Outreach and Engagement

Meet society’s critical needs by engaging in mutually beneficial partnerships

Context: As the state’s land-grant institution, the University of Idaho is uniquely positioned to expand its impact in Idaho and beyond.  We seek to achieve that end through engagement--working across disciplines; integrating teaching, research, and outreach; and partnering with constituents for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources.

Objective A:

Develop processes, systems, and rewards that foster faculty, staff, and student outreach and engagement.


  1. Increase the internal visibility of our outreach and engagement activities to facilitate interaction and develop synergies across the university.
  2. Develop clear criteria for evaluating outreach and engagement.
  3. Recognize and reward engagement with communities, businesses, non-profits, and agencies.
  4. Develop an infrastructure and streamline administrative processes to coordinate outreach and engagement efforts.
  5. Communicate best practices for development and implementation of outreach and engagement projects.

Objective B:

Strengthen and expand mutually beneficial partnerships with stakeholders in Idaho and beyond.


  1. Increase opportunities for faculty and students to connect with external constituents. Develop new partnerships with others who are addressing high priority issues.
  2. Increase student participation in defining and delivering experiential learning opportunities.
  3. Increase the external visibility of our outreach and engagement activities.
  4. Coordinate plans to increase external funding for outreach and engagement.