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Architecture Studio

Goal 2: Scholarly & Creative Activity

Promote excellence in scholarship and creative activity to enhance life today and prepare us for tomorrow

Context: Our quality of life today and in the future depends on the merit of our scholarship and creative endeavors.  Many of the most pressing issues facing society cut across disciplines and require solutions that do the same.   At the University of Idaho we are committed to helping address society’s pressing issues by continuing to support strong disciplinary and interdisciplinary activities that emphasize quality, innovation, critical thinking, and collaboration. We intend to improve the quality of life of all Idaho citizens and secure the economic progress of our world.

Objective A:

Strengthen all scholarly and creative activities consistent with the University’s strategic missions and signature areas.


  1. Engage accomplished scholars to provide mentoring and leadership for key research and creative initiatives.
  2. Increase the number of endowed faculty positions and postdoctoral, graduate, and undergraduate fellowships.
  3. Support faculty, student, and staff entrepreneurial activity to develop new areas of excellence.
  4. Implement university-wide mechanisms to provide attractive start-up packages for faculty and reward systems that recruit and retain world class faculty and staff.
  5. Leverage the skills of non-tenure track faculty to promote research growth.
  6. Increase the application of and public access to the results of scholarly and creative activities.

Objective B:

Enable faculty, student, and staff engagement in interdisciplinary scholarship and creative activity.


  1. Expand opportunities for ongoing interactions among faculty, students, and staff to identify areas of common interest.
  2. Increase support for graduate and undergraduate interdisciplinary research and creative activity.
  3. Develop clear criteria for evaluating engaged scholarship.
  4. Increase the national and international visibility of the University’s contributions to interdisciplinary activities.
  5. Partner with other educational institutions, industry, not-for-profits, and public agencies to expand resources and expertise.
  6. Facilitate the submission of large, interdisciplinary proposals to obtain funding and to sustain successful projects.