Take Action


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Goal 1: Teaching and Learning

Enable student success in a rapidly changing world.

Context: Our graduates live, work, compete, and prosper in a constantly changing environment. Consequently, curricula, co-curricular activities, pedagogy, and assessment must be quickly adaptable as the environment changes. Learning experiences drawn from our disciplinary and interdisciplinary strengths will help students develop the ability to identify and address complex problems and opportunities.

Objective A:

Build adaptable, integrative curricula and pedagogies.


  1. Streamline policies and practices to enable creative program revision and course scheduling.
  2. Implement general education requirements that emphasize integrative learning throughout the undergraduate experience.
  3. Use external and internal assessments to keep teaching and learning vital.
  4. Build curricula to support timely degree completion.
  5. Expand opportunities for professional education.
  6. Apply emerging technologies to increase access and respond to the needs of local and global learners.
  7. Develop increased learning opportunities for underserved or underrepresented communities.
  8. Employ active learning pedagogies to enhance student learning where appropriate.


Objective B:

Develop integrative learning activities that span students’ entire university experience.


  1. Increase educational experiences within the living and learning environments.
  2. Engage alumni and stakeholders as partners in student mentoring.
  3. Increase student participation in co-curricular activities.
  4. Integrate curricular and co-curricular activities.
  5. Increase opportunities for student interaction and interdisciplinary collaboration.