Track One – Basic Leadership Development for Supervisors

Basic Leadership Development is for new and first-line supervisors, as well as for individuals wishing to prepare themselves for supervisory positions in the future.  This track provides a general overview of supervisory roles and responsibilities. Workshops cover topics such as motivating employees, University of Idaho policies and procedures, conflict management, performance management, employee relations and communication skills.

Supervisor Core Competency Workshops: All Tracks

Offered each semester

  • University of Idaho Hiring Process – begins with writing job descriptions, posting jobs, advertising, interviewing, paperwork requirements, University policies and procedures. Facilitators from Human Resources – Employment Services.
  • Managing Employee Performance - includes goal setting and Performance Development Plans, the University cycle of performance management, conducting evaluations, recognizing and rewarding high performance and dealing with problem performance. Facilitators from Human Resources – Employment Services. 
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention for Supervisors – Facilitator from Human Rights, Access and Inclusion. 
  • Legal Issues in Employment – Overview of EEO, ADA, FMLA, FLSA and Worker’s Comp. Facilitators from Human Resources-Employment Services and Benefits.
  • Cultural Competency – Facilitator from Human Rights, Access and Inclusion. 
  • Diversifying the Workforce: Step by Step Strategies – Facilitator from Human Rights Access and Inclusion.
  • University of Idaho Stewardship of Resources – Facilitator from Internal Audit.
  • University of Idaho Mission and Goals – Facilitator from Provost’s Office
  • University of Idaho Safety, Security and Risk – Facilitators from Emergency Services, Environmental Health and Safety and Risk Management.

For new supervisors
(3 years or less), and first-line supervisors:

  • Successfully Transitioning for Peer to Supervisor – Facilitator from PDL

Optional Supervisor Skill Workshops

Facilitated/Coordinated by PDL. Each course is offered at least once per calendar year.

  • Training, Coaching and Mentoring for Success
  • Delegating for Success and Accountability
  • Building Team Relationships
  • Communication Skills (Writing, Listening and Giving Feedback)
  • Planning and Facilitating Effective Meetings
  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Managing Change
  • Time Management
  • Conflict Management for Supervisors
  • Bi-annual Supervisor’s Retreat – Participants will work on cases, noting where the problems are, what resources they could utilize in such situations. Includes a panel of University subject matter experts from Human Resources, Human Rights, Access and Inclusion, Risk Management, Ombuds, Internal Audit and others.