Supervisory Excellence Graduate List

Abdallah, Tracey – Facilities
Anderson, Eric - Career Center
Branting, Sue - College of Graduate Studies
Bretthauer, Alexandra - Academic Support and Access Programs
Brown, Twila – College of Education
Bunney, Cretia – Payroll
Chen, Chen – Human Resources
Crenshaw, Donna – Career Center
Crout, Michele - Academic Support and Access Programs
Duke, Kathy - College of Graduate Studies
Edinborough, Ryan – Payroll
Fizzell, Greg – McCall Outdoor Science Center
Fleener, Dustin - Confucius Institute
Foltz, Barbara E. - Agricultural Economics Rural Sociology
Freitag, Kris – Office of Sponsored Programs
Gardner, Brandon – College of Law
Hall, Jennie – College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences
Helmke, Angela - Admissions
Holthaus, Margo – Information Technology
Howard, Summer – Parking Services
LaBolle, Larissa – Office of Sponsored Programs
LaHann, Holly – International Programs Office
Lunt, Marty – College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Lyngholm, Michael - Facilities
Martonick, Marlane - WAMI
Marsh, Brenda – Asset Accounting
Maximillian, Jacqueline – Environmental Science & Water Resources Program
Mayhugh, Aaron – University Support Services
Mazurik, Denise – College of Engineering
Metlen, Sherrie – Independent Study of Idaho
Norman, Amy - University Advancement
O’Connell, Angela – Children’s Center
Reader, Carolyn – Facilities
Salsbury, Lysa - Women's Center
Stout, Mary, Academic Affairs - Provost
Unger, Lana – Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences/PSES