Student Module

More information on the Student Module, including training materials, is available on the Registrar’s website.

The BANNER Student System helps the University of Idaho accomplish its critical mission in today's rapidly changing educational environment including enrollment management, high-quality targeted curricula, and improved administrative services such as cost-effective recruiting, flexible registration, easier class scheduling, degree auditing, and timely billing. The BANNER Student System helps the University of Idaho track and record a student's progress, providing better overall student services. Recruiting and admissions letter generation and requirements tracking processes help ensure timely and accurate communications with prospects and immediate printing of schedules and bills supporting "one step" registration. On-line transcripts and "what if" compliance verification support the important advising and graduation processes. Faculty workload analysis supports the monitoring, tracking, and analysis of faculty instructional and non-instructional assignments, all done on-line and integrated with BANNER Human Resources. In addition, IPEDS reporting and Student Right to Know reporting are fully supported as federal regulatory updates. Also, the BANNER Student System is fully integrated with the BANNER Financial Aid System.

Student Module Training

Student Query

This training is available online and is a prerequisite for any other Student Module training and is designed for administrative personnel with a need to access basic student information through Banner forms (not Web). The training highlights how to access and interpret information from recruiting through graduation.

Student Job Submission

Available online, this training is specifically designed for academic college and department administrative personnel who need to do reporting with student data. The training covers class rosters, student lists as well as course enrollment reports.