Finance Module

The BANNER Finance System is a set of fully integrated components enabling the University of Idaho to provide the highest quality financial services. The core of BANNER's Finance System, the General Ledger, is fully integrated with all other finance system areas and conforms to AICPA, FASB, GASB, and GAAP, and GAAFR principles. Purchasing and Receiving supports purchasing agents in making both on-demand and long-term buying decisions, as well as controlling both requests for and receipt of goods. Accounts Payable helps to enhance cash flow and increase investment earnings, and establishes good vendor relations by automatically calculating discounts and payment schedules and automatically generating General Ledger transactions. Accounts Receivable maintains charge and payment information for various accounts, provides for both invoice and statement generation, and includes a complete cashiering function. Management of Fixed Assets is improved with BANNER's full support of risk, insurance, custodial, and capital asset monitoring. The Budget Development component's top-down approach permits establishment of major divisional guidelines and easily monitors department budget requests including forecasting, modeling, and inflation applications.

Finance Module Training

Additional forms and information on budget and accounts can be found on the Accounts Payable and Budget Office websites.

Finance Query

This training is available online and is a prerequisite for all other Finance Module Classes. Overview of some of the most commonly used Banner and VandalWeb Finance query forms, how they relate to each other, Banner finance terms and how to find and view posted transactions.  Vendor history and invoice status data is also included.  A non-Banner user can request VandalWeb access, which is query only, by emailing their request and Vandal number to

Finance Journals, Approvals and Encumbrance Liquidations

Request and/ or register for this training on the Banner Training Portal. This training provides a basic review of Banner finance approval forms, Purchase Order Liquidations and the Journal processes, along with the review of IDG’s (Interdepartmental Charges), Cost and Revenue Transfer journals.

Budget Transfers

This training is offered upon request by contacting the trainer directly.  This training is for employees who have Banner finance access and are responsible for managing budgets.  It provides hands on implementation of a budget transfer, how it affects the adjusted budget and available balance, the importance of budget transfers for proper budget management and alleviating NSF documents, and what budgets/funds are allowed budget transfers.

Purchasing Card & Travel Expense Training 

This online training is prerequisite to become a Card Holder or Record Keeper.  It provides an overview of the Purchasing Card Program Policies and Procedures and an opportunity to practice making decisions as a traveler and as a person who will be processing travel documents online.

Finance DPO’s Requisitions, and Change Orders

This training is offered upon request by contacting the trainer directly. It serves as an introduction to Department Purchase Orders (DPOs), Requisitions, and Change Orders.  It is designed for any employee who may enter or approve these documents.

Finance Job Submission

This training is offered upon request by contacting the trainer directly.  This is a tutorial of some of the most commonly used Banner Finance reports.  It will guide you through the parameters and how to review the output whether the report encompasses transaction detail, budget and/or fund balance which can requested either by hard copy, formatted to Excel or no print.

Budget Overview

This training is offered upon request by contacting the trainer directly. This class is for employees who have previously taken Banner Finance classes and are responsible for managing department budgets but are still unsure how to view Banner forms and reports and how it all ties together for successful overall budget management.  This is a hands on session where the student will learn how to find transactions in Banner; learn the difference between budget and fund balances, process finance documents properly (and some HR), how to process and view most Banner finance forms and reports and understand approval queues.