Alumni Advancement Module

The BANNER Advancement/Alumni System maintains comprehensive information for all University of Idaho constituencies, fully supports gift and pledge processing, provides campaign statistical analysis, stores extensive prospect information, and tracks cultivation and solicitation activities.

Alumni/Advancement Training

Advancement Banner Navigation

This training is provided by Irma Sixtos (885-8973) in Advancement Services and covers basic Banner Advancement navigation and query.  This training session *must* be completed prior to taking either of the other Banner Advancement training and Argos reporting.

Advancement Banner Prospect

This training is provided by Linda Williams (885-7071) in Advancement Prospect Management and Research and covers entering prospects and moving them along in the fundraising process.

Advancement General Person Training

This training is provided by Judy Tackett (885-7091) in Advancement Information Services and covers a high level of topics that are needed to be followed to generate person/organization records (this training is specifically for data input personnel).