Women's Leadership Conference

Session Schedules

Concurrent Workshop Schedules

  • Concurrent Session I Schedule
    Concurrent Session I: 10:00-11:30 a.m.  |  Idaho Commons Building
    Room Workshop Title Presenter
    Aurora Room
    Keystone Habits: Small Changes, Big Results
    Jessica Bearman
    & Nancy Chaney
    Crest Room
    Zen and the Art of Leadership: Playing with Mindfulness and Movement Improvisation   Renée Hill & Irene Shaver
    Horizon Room

    The Stewardess: The Evolution of an Aviation Icon

    Lauren Paterson

    Panorama Room

    Mothering From the Field

    Melanie-Angela Neuilly, Bahiyyah Muhammad,
    Ryanne Pilgeram, &
    Stacey Camp
    Whitewater Room
    Beyond Bubble Baths & Baby Animals: Strategies for Sustainable Social Justice Advocacy   Jennifer Warwick
    Clearwater Room
    Focusing Internally, Responding Externally: Practicing Transformational Leadership 
    Kathryn Schiffelbein
    & Laura Holyoke

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  • Concurrent Session II Schedule
    Concurrent Session II: 1:30-2:20 p.m.  |  Idaho Commons Building
    Room Workshop Title Presenter
    Clearwater Room
    How Unconscious Bias Impacts the Promotion and Hiring of Women 
    Kimberley Houser
    & Maggie Reed
    Crest Room
    Using Mentoring to Encourage Others (and Ourselves) Heather Chermak
    & Julia Pomerenk
    Whitewater Room
    One World, Many Views
    Mary Kay Patton
    & Denise Yost
    Horizon Room
    Refusing the Split: Intersectionality Between Mixed Race and Queer Identities 
    Samantha Hansen
    Aurora Room Tapping Into Free Resources to Fund Your Professional Projects

    Debbie Hornbuckle
    & Nancy Holmes
    Panorama Room

    The Professional New Mother: Pregnancy, Leave,
    Breastfeeding, Returning to Work and Balance 

    Mary Ellen Brewick
    & Bobbi Hughes

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  • Concurrent Session III Schedule
    Concurrent Session III: 2:30-3:45 p.m.  |  Idaho Commons Building
    Room Workshop Title Presenter
    Panorama Room
    Creating a Safe Space: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on Feminist Pedagogy 
    Amy Canfield, Marlowe
    Daly-Galeano &
    Heather Van Mullem
    Crest Room
    Embrace Your Brave Space!
    Virginia Solan
    & Tara Howe
    Clearwater Room
    Peer Education as a Leadership Style and Way to Increase Collaboration
    Rachel Todd
    Aurora Room
    Discovering and Articulating Your Strengths
    Leanne Ralstin &
    Nicole Campbell
    Horizon Room
    Power and Poise: Inhabiting Your Body Every Day
    Rajal G. Cohen
    Whitewater Room It's a Girl Thing! Gender in STEM Education and Careers
    Dilshani Sarathchandra
    & Kristin Haltinner

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  • Concurrent Session IV Schedule
    Concurrent Session IV: 4:00-4:45 p.m.  |  Idaho Commons Building
    Room Workshop Title Presenter
    Crest Room Yes, I Can: Self-Promotion in the Workplace
    Morgan Hanson
    Panorama Room The Power of 'We': Old Tensions and New Solutions
    Claudia Leeb
    Whitewater Room Discussing Gender Without Gender Essentialism
    Kristin Haltinner
    Horizon Room Activism in the Arts: Everyday of a Black Girl
    Jessy Forsmo-Shadid
    Clearwater Room Navigating Collaborative Work Environments from
    Masculine Female Perspectives

    Michelle Shannon

    Aurora Room How to Build Collaboration With Any Personality Type 
    Tracie Lee &
    Stefanie Ramirez

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