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2012 Programs & Workshops

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About the Program Theme:

The University of Idaho's Women's Center and the Athena Association of Professional Women are partnering to sponsor the 4th biennial Women's Leadership Conference, Women's Legacies Inspiring Our Future.   Our keynote speaker, Gloria Steinem, co-founded “Ms.” magazine in 1972 and since then, has continued to inspire women across the globe to work collectively and individually in the name of gender equity.  That same year, U-Idaho President Ernest Hartung initiated the Women's Caucus and first campus climate report which ultimately resulted in the founding of the UI Women's Center and two years later the Conciliation Agreement was signed, resulting in many more provisions for equity on campus. Please follow the link to learn more: http://www.uidaho.edu/studentaffairs/womenscenter/about/herstory.

The day-long conference will be held at the University of Idaho’s Moscow campus in partnership with Washington State University and offers all students, staff, and faculty an opportunity to celebrate our differences and create an empowered community that is inclusive and supportive of women irrespective of gender identification or expression, sexual orientation, religion, race, ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic background, or institutional role. The theme of this year’s conference is “Women’s Legacies, Inspiring Our Future” - to celebrate where we have been, to recognize the accomplishments we’ve made towards gender equity, and to explore how women and all members of the campus community can ensure progress continues in the future.

A wide variety of educational sessions that address the myriad of climate issues women face in higher education, the workplace, and beyond and how our legacies and history inspire continued progress have been selected. Conference sessions will take place on Thursday, October 4, 2012. The educational sessions will center on the issues of Workplace Climate with a particular focus on one or more of the following themes:

  • Microaggressions & Unspoken Biases: The New Face of Discrimination: The underlying microaggressions and implicit bias that impact women in today’s professional world are not the common forms of discrimination that many are able to readily identify. Learn more about this subtle form of discrimination that women face in their current work environments as well as the most effective ways to address them.
  • The Impact of Identity Intersections: Identities do not exist in a vacuum, but rather intersect in complex and interesting ways. Ranging from multicultural backgrounds, sexual and gender identities, racial identifications, and professional roles with various power structures, these merging identities create unique barriers to success but can also provide unique opportunities, when embraced and supported, to create a diverse and prolific workplace.
  • Creating Women-Friendly Organizations and Communities: The challenges and obstacles that women continue to face as professionals are prevalent in all organizations but often have impact beyond the workplace. Changes to both culture and policies can be made by organizations, workplace culture, and individuals that can improve the lives of women both at work and beyond.
  • How Women Unintentionally Create Barriers to Progress: There are multiple barriers that women encounter in the workplace. While these may come from organizational policy, it is often the case that other women in the workplace play a role in keeping these barriers in place.  By identifying how we perpetuate these barriers, we can also find ways to work collaboratively to create a climate that is both welcoming and supportive for women.