Women's Leadership Conference

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2015 Programs & Workshops

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Conference Theme: "Yes, And... The Power of We"

The University of Idaho's Women's Center, the Athena Association of Professional Women, and Professional Development & Learning, are partnering to sponsor the 5th biennial Women's Leadership Conference with the conceptual theme Yes, and...The Power of We.   

The day-long conference will be held at the University of Idaho’s Moscow campus, and offers all students, staff, and faculty an opportunity to celebrate our differences and create an empowered community that is inclusive and supportive of women, irrespective of gender identification or expression, sexual orientation, religion, race, ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic background, or institutional role.

The theme of this year’s conference is Yes, And...The Power of We. “Yes, and…” is a concept derived from improvisational comedy. In order to collaboratively build a scene, one person presents an opportunity for interaction and invites others to expand upon their idea. The basic rule of improv is that you must be willing to say, “Yes, and…”  Extending this idea to other domains allows for people to build synergistic collaborations and move projects forward in new ways. This theme aims to explore how women and all members of the campus community approach life and work. We hope to encourage participants to explore different ways of working collaboratively and subscribing to a model that can help to make processes and results more meaningful and productive. Conference sessions will focus on women in leadership, transitions between professional and personal roles, professional development skills, and exploration of current research on women and gender.

Please check back shortly for a full schedule of programs.