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Color Usage Guide

SILVER and GOLD are the official colors of
the University of Idaho.

One of the official colors must be the dominant, non-photographic color on page or spread in terms of coverage and/or visual weight.  The tertiary color palette may be used in a more limited fashion and should not be used without elements of the official colors.

The University of Idaho logo must not be reproduced in a tertiary or any other color. The color of the University of Idaho logo is ONLY acceptable in four formats:
  1. Gold (PMS 874c)
  2. Black
  3. Silver or Gray
  4.  White  (reversed on Gold, Black, Silver/Gray or a Photo)

Tertiary Colors

The tertiary and accent colors are designed to be a support palette, and should be used appropriately.

color proportions

  1. Avoid large color blocks: Expansive use of the tertiary palette can be very visually powerful, and can overwhelm the University’s brand. As a general rule, an accent color should not exceed more than 10-20% of the visual weight of the page or spread.
  2. Best for Text, Tabs, Line Work & Small Fill Areas: As an accent palette, the colors work well as subheads, bars, dividers, etc.
  3. Combine Wisely: Ultimately, the design needs to look like the University of Idaho. This palette was selected because of these colors found in jewel tones and in nature, and because they are complementary of silver and gold. However, the University’s identity is always paramount. All University materials must be clearly branded through the use of Idaho’s primary colors and approved combinations.
  4. Unacceptable Combinations: Certain color combinations create immediate brand associations of other competitor institutions, and therefore, must be avoided. Other pairings, simply do not work as well together. Additionally, yellow should not be used in substitute for the University’s approved gold color.

Selecting Colors:
Consult the University’s marketing, publications, printing and web specialists for professional assistance when selecting colors for communications.