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Brand Pillars

Research and Learning

Globally Competitive Research and Learning Opportunities

Our leadership in research and creative activity provides big thinkers with the opportunity to interact and innovate alongside world-class faculty, to gain firsthand experience address¬ing global challenges, and to bring contemporary knowledge and experience into their careers and lives.

  • This brand pillar is supported by the following points of distinction:
    • Outstanding academic programs
    • Interdisciplinary approach to learning and research
    • Programs designed to meet the needs of a global marketplace
    • World-class faculty researchers and scholars
    • Committed to teaching and student engagement
    • Connection to broader research and academic networks
    • Undergraduate research opportunities
    • Right-sized classes and laboratories
    • Students in classes and labs actively engaged with faculty
    • Interdisciplinary research and learning
    • World-class research centers and facilities
    • Transformative learning opportunities
    • Nationally recognized honors program
    • One of the nation’s most extensive study abroad programs
    • Alternative service breaks
    • Excellent internship programs
    • Core Discovery courses for freshmen
    • Undergraduate research emphasis
    • Service learning course components
  • This brand pillar is supported by the following signature events and programs:
    • Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival
    • Borah Symposium
    • McClure Lecture Series
    • Engineering Design Expo
    • College of Law Bellwood Lectures
    • President’s Sustainability Symposium
  • This brand pillar is supported by the following points of proof:
    • Faculty and students have knowledge and engagement in issues that impact the world.
    • We are engaged in innovative problem solving to address real-world issues
    • Graduates have hands-on experience in interdisciplinary collaboration
    • A $1 billion economic impact on the state and a significant impact on the region
    • $100 million in research funding annually