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Brand Pillars

Connected Community

A Connected Community

As Idaho’s land-grant institution, our student, faculty and staff are engaged in a vast network of powerful partnerships; statewide campuses, laboratories, research and Extension centers, outreach programs, and a base of loyal alumni worldwide. These resources provide connections to individuals, businesses and communities and lead to efforts to improve the quality of life for all Idaho residents and secure the economic progress of our world.

  • This brand pillar is supported by the following points of distinction:
    • Loyal, passionate and connected alumni
    • Opinion shapers in the state and nation
    • Leaders in our communities, government and business
    • Statewide mission and presence
    • Statewide centers in Coeur d’Alene, Boise and Idaho Falls
    • Extension offices
    • Youth programs such as 4-H
    • Tribal relationships
    • Nationwide/worldwide network
    • Government and corporate partnerships and collaborations
    • Service learning experiences
    • Volunteer activities and networks
    • Research and business partners
  • This brand pillar is supported by the following points of proof:
    • Global citizens
    • Committed leaders