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If you have questions about style issues, consult the University of Idaho Style Guide for Print, Web, News Media and Social Media.

Writing For Destination


The Web is an excellent vehicle for communicating the University of Idaho brand. It’s dynamic. It’s timely. It’s interactive. And it’s worldwide.

Remember: People don’t “read” Web copy word-for-word; they “scan” it for the information they want. As you write for the Web, choose words and simple phrasing that strengthen the brand but also support scannability. Consider the following strategies: 
  • Write meaningful headlines and sub-heads (can the headline be informative while also supporting a brand concept?)
  • Place the most important information first
  • Use bulleted lists (an excellent way to highlight points of distinction in your copy)
  • Bold important words/phrases (e.g. First choice for student success and statewide leadership.)
  • Keep sentences and paragraphs short
  • Simplify and be concise (eliminate jargon and fluff)
  • Offer links to related pages/additional information. The link text should state the name of the page or define the information they will find on that page. (e.g. “Find out how to Write for the Brand.”)
  • Break up blocks of text with headlines and short sidebars or promos
  • Think about ways to support your copy and build the brand visually (photos, graphics, interactive applications)

Search engine optimization is also an important factor as your write for the Web. Keep in mind the keywords used to search for the type of information on your site and frequently incorporate these words into your copy.