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If you have questions about style issues, consult the University of Idaho Style Guide for Print, Web, News Media and Social Media.

Writing For Destination


A news release needs to be factual and written in the inverted pyramid style, with the most important information at the top. A news release is not the place to incorporate marketing copy that is brand heavy. News editors will quickly eliminate copy that does not pertain directly to the news story.

That doesn’t mean brand messaging shouldn’t be included. Writers must be subtle in incorporating brand messages.
  • A story on a student success can include a reference to the student as being engaged and active, or feeling transformed by the learning experience at the University of Idaho.
  • A story of a faculty or student researcher can be descried as an example of innovative problem solving that address real-world problems.
  • Event publicity can support our engaged and active students, or described as a program designed to support student engagement and learning.