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If you have questions about style issues, consult the University of Idaho Style Guide for Print, Web, News Media and Social Media.

Writing For Destination


E-mail is a key part of University marketing and communications and a powerful branding tool. Consider the following when writing copy for e-mails:
  • Get their attention quickly with snappy headlines, but don’t be misleading.
  • Make it personal. Write your e-mail as if the University is talking directly to the reader. (e.g. “you,” “our,” “we”)
  • Write an effective subject line that both supports the brand and prompts the reader to open the e-mail.
  • Make the copy scannable (headlines, bold words, short sentences and paragraphs. Bullets may not format correctly in an e-mail).
  • Keep the copy concise but compelling to pique the reader’s interest to click on the provided links to find out more.
  • Incorporate solid points of distinction/proof to build the brand without unnecessary promotional language (“fluff”).
  • Include a clear call to action with a link to a University website for more details.