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Writing For Brand Pillars

Leaders in Industry and Government

Keep the following messages in mind as you communicate to leaders in industry and government.

Brand Pillar #1:
A student-centered, engaged learning environment

Message: We are a first choice for student success and statewide leadership; our students graduate as leaders who are equipped to guide Idaho to global economic success.
This can be communicated through points of distinction such as: 
  • Serve the diverse population of Idaho and the region
  • Students who learn by doing
  • 200 student organizations and leadership programs
  • Support of first-generation students

Brand Pillar #2:
Globally competitive research and learning opportunities

Message: As the state’s flagship and land-grant research institution, we are addressing the state’s and globe’s most challenging problems and developing skilled leaders and entrepreneurial thinkers who are prepared to better the state and world in extraordinary ways.
This can be communicated through points of distinction such as:
  • Outstanding academic programs
  • State-of-the-art research programs, centers and facilities
  • World-class faculty researchers and scholars
  • Learning and research programs that meet the needs of the marketplace
  • $1 billion statewide impact

Brand Pillar #3:
Connected Community

Message: Our vast worldwide network, strong community of Vandals, and powerful partnerships provide connections and opportunities that improve the quality of life of all Idaho citizens and the economic progress of our world.
This can be communicated through points of distinction such as:
  • Loyal, passionate and connected alumni
  • Opinion shapers in the state and nation
  • Leaders in our communities, government and business
  • Statewide presence
  • Government and corporate partnerships and collaborations