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Production value is a critical factor in setting a high standard of quality and realism. The imagery used in the University’s advertising, web site and publications should always feature real people (students, faculty and alumni) in an appropriate environment (campus, community, workplace, laboratory, nature, etc.). The subject can be either camera aware or not, but the photo/scene should communicate the idea or feeling of living, learning, or leading. The living and learning message is enhanced by using non-camera aware subjects, while people who are camera aware create a strong sense of leading. Wherever possible, the person featured should be in the foreground positioned (or cropped) to allow for the physical environment (landscapes or architecture) to also be shown. Conversely, photographic images featuring a person shot close-up or in a nondescript location should try to include University apparel, Vandal gear or other Idaho campus-centric product placement (Greek letters, student organization t-shirts, etc.) if appropriate and/or possible. One exception would be alumni treatments, where the subject would be located in an applicable environment, dressed accordingly.

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