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Consistent use of iconic and symbolic graphic elements that are instantly recognizable and distinguishable as the University of Idaho. For examples see the Advertising Gallery section.

I-Graphic: The I-graphic is an attention grabbing device, but it should never be distracting to the content of the ad. This design element provides instant, brand-centric identification. When selecting photography to be used with the “I AM THE UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO” campaign, be sure to consider whether white I-graphic will work well. There should be enough headroom that the graphic can sit comfortably, and subjects should not be “crammed” inside. There should always be breathing room, however the graphic should interact with the person in an interesting way. If the image cannot be color corrected to create enough contrast, a different image will need to be selected. A subtle black to white gradient (Multiplied at 40% Opacity) can be used if necessary inside the I-graphic, in order to create contrast behind the headline located in the bottom portion. One page or spread should NEVER FEATURE MORE THAN ONE I-GRAPHIC. To request the I-Graphic for use in marketing materials, please contact Creative Services. Please do not recreate.