Ivory Crisp Potato

Ivory Crisp (OTT case 02-006)

Ivory Crisp is an early chipping potato variety with a high specific gravity and medium to high yield. It has good cold chipping potential and long-term storage capability. With spreading vines that mature in mid-season, it produces numerous white flowers and netted round tubers with white skin with eyes that are intermediate in number and not well distributed. Tuber set is medium as is the tuber size.

Ivory Crisp has similar yields to Atlantic in Idaho and produced tubers with similar specific gravity and slightly lower tuber solids than Atlantic. It produced better chip color both out of 40 and 50°F storage It is less susceptible to hollow heart than Atlantic with other internal and external quality characteristics are fairly similar.

Ivory Crisp is generally similar to Atlantic with respect to disease resistance, except that Atlantic is immune to PVX, while Ivory Crisp is susceptible and Atlantic is also somewhat more resistant to PVY infection.

If interested in licensing this potato variety please contacts the Potato Variety Management Institute (PVMI).