Idagold (OTT case 97-004)

'Idagold' condiment yellow mustard PVP Certificate no. 9700374: is an open-pollinated Sinapis alba L. cultivar developed by the Canola, Rapeseed & Mustard Breeding Group at the University of Idaho. Idagold was selected for vigorous growth and high yield in the dryland regions of the Pacific Northwest and similar limited-rainfall environments. Over 23 site-years of field trials in the Pacific Northwest, Idagold consistently yielded about 12% higher than other yellow mustard varieties commonly grown in North America ('Gisilba' and 'Tilney'). Idagold produces large uniform sized seed and bright yellow seed color. The oil fatty acid profile and glucosinolate content of Idagold is similar to Gisilba and Tilney, with 244 micromoles of total glucosinolate per gram of de-fatted meal, with sinalbin glucosinolate accounting for 97% of this.