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A more engaged university with an enhanced learning enviornment

  • Enhanced /Increased undergraduate research 
  • Greater use of undergraduate TAs in lower division classes– very enthusiastic and class relates to well 
  • Use workstudys and undergraduate research in the community (outreach) 
  • Cross-discipline curriculum/classes 
  • Transformational student experiences - study abroad opportunities 
  • Multicultural curriculum 
  • More distance course delivery two-way, cheaper – using internet, use virtual tools 
  • Reduce cost of compressed video, etc. to help connection expertise throughout the state. Much of this infrastructure exists already. 
  • Leadership training as part of curriculum 
  • Mediated teaching and learning to increase teaching reach 
  • Expand extension beyond agriculture, internships, dual enrollment 
  • Create an alumni learning program through the alumni office 
  • Use Senior Design to engage in service learning 
  • Explore opportunities for CSS in Barcelona & Bali 
  • Stabilize funding for MOSS so that graduate level outreach to K-12 learning occurs 
  • Similar to Common Read – have a university wide experiential learning opportunity focused on sustainable living 
  • Expand & utilize extension and service learning services to develop and promote active, healthy communities. Communities can be university, local, state, regional, global. This work can be driven throughout our university curricula- inherently creates outreach and should result in grant procurement and scholarship. Addresses global and national health care concerns with focus on prevention. An integral piece of sustainability. Connects us globally – should pull together multiple disciplines across campus (ex. Horizons program) 
  • Establish a service learning center (attract $) – a successful service learning center could seek and certify credit opportunities and could focus on geographies where our students come from to allow for summer credit outreach “at home” 
  • Experiential Education graduation requirement 
  • Utilize urban laboratory in Boise - urban curriculum 
  • Expand electronic course offerings – hybrid online programs 
  • Invest resources in mission oriented education emphasizing hands-on education 
  • Enhance internship partnerships and structure participation 
  • Expand dual credit program
  • Fast system for student feedback – web/twitter (WSU/NIC coop programs) 
  • Non credit workshops 
  • First-year experience class 
  • More emphasis on native peoples 
  • Ask Idaho industry “what can we do for you” – engage through a focus on their priorities 
  • Connect with local community college & high schools