Cohort 3 Banner

Cohort Three (2011 - 2012)

University of Idaho Leadership Academy Cohort Three Membership:
  • Ro Afatchao, Martin Institute/International Studies
  • Denise Carl, ASUI
  • Greg Fizzell, McCall Outdoor Science School
  • Debbie Gray, Office of Community Partnership
  • Mandy Hanousek, Annual Giving Advancement Services
  • Tim Helmke, Alumni Office
  • Mo Hendrickson, Human Rights, Access and Inclusion
  • Laura Holyoke, College of Education
  • Carol Marlowe, Boise Center for Higher Education
  • Sherrie Metlen, Independent Study in Idaho
  • Lodi Price, Office of Research and Economic Development
  • Mike Satz, College of Law
  • Adam Sowards, College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences
  • Vicci White, Career Center

University of Idaho Leadership Academy Cohort Three Group Projects:
  • Mobile Technology at the University of Idaho: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Employee Morale: University-wide Employee Recognition Program Audit
  • Employee Morale: Town Hall Brown Bags
  • Sexual Assault Prevention (Green Dot Program)