Cohort 2 Banner

Cohort Two (2010 - 2011)

University of Idaho Leadership Academy Cohort Two Membership:
  • Diane Armpriest, College of Art and Architecture
  • Johanna Blickenstaff, University Communications and Marketing
  • Mary Ellen Brewick, International Programs
  • Stephanie Fox, Boise Center for Higher Education
  • Debbie Hornbuckle, Office of Development
  • Niki Jones, Human Resources
  • Stephanie Kane, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
  • Bruce Mann, ASUI Center for Volunteerism and Social Action
  • Kelly Morgan, Office of Sponsored Programs
  • Scott Metlen, College of  Business and Economics
  • Cori Planagan, Office of Dean of the Students
  • Carolyn Todd, College of Law Library
  • Maureen Toomey, 4-H Extension - Caldwell

University of Idaho Leadership Academy Cohort Two Group Projects:
  • Undergraduate Research Initiatives
  • Employee Recognition: University Wide Audit and Recommendations
  • Student Retention