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Jeanne Stevenson
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Lynn Baird 
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Director, Professional Development and Learning
Elissa Keim
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Academy Overview

The University of Idaho Leadership Academy is constructed to include guest lectures, mini-lectures, group projects, and community building exercises for participants to fully explore leadership in higher education. Through experiential learning, participants build relationships with others within the University and create a space of trust and respect. Participants are expected to actively engage in the learning events and to reflect and refine personal leadership goals in the educational process. Faculty and staff are eligible to participate in the leadership academy; members of underrepresented groups and women are particularly encouraged to apply. Technologies will be used to ensure that employees outside of the Moscow area are able to be active participants.

Immersion Retreats

To begin the Leadership Academy experience, participants will engage in an intensive one day retreat in  September with another scheduled in January. The retreats are held in Moscow.


The Leadership Academy meets approximately three times a month throughout the fall and spring semesters to learn about and discuss a variety of topics. These meetings will be available via distance technology. The topics are grouped into 4 tracks:

  • University Leadership (UL)
    The focus of the University Leadership Track is on the organizational areas of the University of Idaho. These sessions are facilitated by a central administrator who will provide an overview of his or her specific area of the University.
  • Leadership in Context (Practice) (LCP)
    The Leadership in Context track will focus on developing essential skills for leadership and will utilize key concepts developed through the readings. Topics such as communication skills, navigating political environments, and effective leadership will be addressed using scenarios and simulations.
  • Leadership in Context (Job Shadow)(CPJS)
    The Leadership in context track provides an opportunity for participants in three to four person groups to shadow one another in the work place, building knowledge of the University and developing a more in-depth understanding of other areas as represented in the participant group.
  • Leadership Theory (LT)
    Over the course of the year, participants will engage in conversation structured around readings, inventories, and articles selected by facilitators. A series of guest lectures and discussion prompts will be based on Kouzes and Posner’s book The Leadership Challenge.  Participants will also take the Leadership 2.0 assessment and read the companion book, Leadership 2.0. These sessions will engage participants in series of questions to be used in self-reflection and transformational learning.

President’s Breakfasts for Progress (Optional)

The President’s Breakfasts for Progress occur approximately monthly. Members of the University leadership  come together to hear presentations on a variety of topics and make recommendations that influence the future direction of the institution. The breakfasts are open to current Leadership Academy cohort members during the year that you participate in the academy, and your attendance is optional.