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Mark Anderson
Mark D. Anderson
Professor of Law
Courses Taught: Antitrust, Business Associations, Criminal Law, Intellectual Property: Trademarks, Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition
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Katie Ball Photo
Katie Ball, J.D.
Externship Director
Courses Taught: Public Service Externship, Academic Year Legal Externship, and Semester in Practice.
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Benjamin Beard
D. Benjamin Beard
Professor of Law
Courses Taught: Property, Sales, Negotiable Instruments, and Guaranty and Suretyship;
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Elizabeth Brandt
Elizabeth Barker Brandt
James E. Wilson Distinguished Professor of Law
Courses Taught: Children and the Law; Community Property; Domestic Violence and the Law; Family Law; Wills, Estates and Trusts;
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Annemarie Bridy
Annemarie Bridy
Professor of Law
Courses Taught: Contracts, Copyrights, Cyberlaw, Intellectual Property
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Donald Burnett Photo
Donald L. Burnett Jr.
Professor of Law
Courses taught: Ethics and Professional Responsibility, Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure, and Native American Natural Resources Law
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Barbara Cosens Photo
Barbara Cosens
Professor of Law
Courses Taught: Water Law I and II; Law, Science and the Environment; Water Law Practicum; Interdisciplinary Methods in Water Resources
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Photo of Wendy Couture
Wendy Gerwick Couture
Associate Professor of Law
Courses Taught: Securities Regulation, White Collar Crime, Property Security, Negotiable Instruments
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Aliza Cover
Aliza Plener Cover
Associate Professor
Courses Taught: Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law, Evidence
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Benji Cover promo
Benjamin Plener Cover
Visiting Associate Professor
Courses Taught: Property, Remedies, Land-Use Planning, Statutory Reading and Interpretation
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Helane Davis promo
Helane Davis
Associate Professor and Director of the Law Library
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Lee Dillion
Lee B. Dillion
Associate Dean for Boise Programs
Courses taught: Small Business Legal Clinic, Public Service Externship and Semester in Practice
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Photo of Jeffrey Dodge
Jeffrey A. Dodge
Associate Dean of Students and Administration & Associate Clinical Professor of Law
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Angelique EagleWoman promo
Angelique Townsend EagleWoman
Professor of Law
Courses Taught: Civil Procedure, Native American Law, Native Natural Resources Law, Tribal Nation Economics Law
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Ruth Funabiki
Ruth Funabiki
Head of Technical Services
Research Interests: public access to legal information; Library 2.0; effects of advertising upon decision making
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Diana Gleason
Diana Gleason
Head of Public Services and Assistant Professor
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Dale Goble
Dale D. Goble
University Distinguished Professor and Margaret Wilson Schimke Distinguished Professor of Law
Courses taught: Legal History, Natural Resources Law, Natural Resources Seminar, Publics Land Law, Torts
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Michael Greenlee
Michael J. Greenlee
Associate Law Librarian
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Sarah Haan
Sarah C. Haan
Associate Professor of Law
Courses taught: Business Associations, Advanced Topics in Business Law, and Professional Responsibility
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Brooke Hardy
Brooke Hardy
Assistant Clinical Professor
Courses Taught: Legal Research & Writing
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Maurin Laughlin
Maureen E. Laflin
Director of Clinical Programs and Professor of Law
Courses taught: Alternative Dispute Resolution; Appellate Clinic; General Clinic; Trial Advocacy
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Monique Lillard
Monique C. Lillard
Professor of Law
Courses taught: Law of the Workplace, Remedies, and Torts
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Barbara Lock
Barbara Lock
Director, Low Income Taxpayer Clinic; Instructor of Law
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Jerrold Long
Jerrold A. Long
Professor of Law
Courses taught: Environmental Law I and II, Land-Use Planning, Property
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Jessica Long
Jessica M. Long
Visiting Associate Professor of Law
Courses taught: General Practice/DVSA clinic, Lawyering Process, Trial Advocacy
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Jean Mattimoe
Jean Mattimoe
Collection Development/Reference Librarian and Associate Professor
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Deborah McIntosh
Deborah McIntosh
Associate Clinical Professor
Courses taught: Accounting for Lawyers, Legal Research & Writing
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Aman McLeod
Aman McLeod
Visiting Associate Professor of Law
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John Miller
John A. Miller
Weldon Schimke Distinguished Professor of Law
Courses taught: Basic Income Taxation, Business Entities Taxation, Elder Law, Estate Planning
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Stephen Miller
Stephen R. Miller
Associate Professor
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Christina Pollard
Visiting Associate Professor
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Sunil Ramalingam
Sunil Ramalingam
Assistant Clinical Professor of Law and Director of Externships and Pro Bono Programs
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John Rumel
John Rumel
Associate Professor of Law
Courses Taught: Introduction to Law and Civil Procedure, Evidence, Introduction to Law of the Workplace, Education Law
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Kristina Running
Kristina J. Running
Assistant Clinical Professor and Competitions Coordinator
Courses taught: Legal Research & Writing, Appellate Advocacy, Judicial Clerkships
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Shaakirrah Sanders
Shaakirrah Sanders
Associate Professor of Law
Courses Taught: Constitutional Law: Individual Rights and Liberties; Constitutional Procedure: Criminal Procedure and Advanced Criminal Procedure; First Amendment: Freedom of Speech and Press
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Michael Satz
Michael A. Satz
Courses taught: Architecture and the Law, Consumer Law, Creditors' Rights and Secured Transactions, Critical Studies Contracts, Property Security
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Richard Seamon
Richard Seamon
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professor of Law
Courses taught: Administrative Law, Procedure II, Federal Courts
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Anastasia Telesetsky
Anastasia Telesetsky
Associate Professor of Law
Courses Taught: Public International Law; Conflicts of Law; International Environmental Law; International Trade and Investment Law;View
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