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Student Recruitment

The Career Development Office helps employers and students with their employment needs at all times during the year. Preparation for recruiting begins in the summer before students return to school in August. Some employers use the fall months to seek employees to fill their employment needs for the following year, and thus, interview students with that goal in mind.

Employers who recruit on an annual basis often assign their application deadlines early in the fall semester. Other employers who participate in the program will not visit the campus to conduct their interviews, but will choose instead to have students submit application materials directly to them. This manner of finding employment is as important as the on-campus interview method and students need to give it just as much consideration.

To meet these early deadlines, students are encouraged to review and update/edit their application materials before they return to campus in the fall. This early planning will help them meet the deadlines in spite of a busy class and activity schedule. If students have not pulled together a resume, nor attempted to write a cover letter, then it is even more important that they begin early. No application should ever be sent to an employer without these two very important pieces of information! It is crucial that they be of high quality and project you in a professional manner.

Students are asked to inform the Career Development Office of all accepted offers of employment, regardless of how the lead was obtained. Periodically, we ask students to provide certain information and complete a questionnaire about their employment as well as employment and salary information after graduation. This information is useful in many ways, but primarily it helps to determine trends, and serves as a guide for subsequent students when they are looking at job offers.