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College of Law
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Mediation Clinic

Clinic students provide free or reduced-cost conflict management services to low, and moderate income families, students, groups and individuals.

Students are in their final year of law school, and have limited licenses to practice law under the supervision an attorney. All students complete at least 40 hours of basic mediation training. Typically, students co-mediate with a faculty attorney.

Students gain experience in these conflict management services

  • Mediation Students provide a safe forum where the parties can meet to exchange information, discuss issues, brainstorm options, and hopefully to come to an agreement. Students mediate juvenile and civil cases including: landlord-tenant disputes, small claims, divorce, child custody, property division, guardianships, probate, personal injury cases, employment cases, and contracts.
  • Meeting Facilitation Students facilitate meetings for discussing and resolving issues among members of a group or the general public.
  • Litigation Evaluation Students  conduct informal hearings and write briefs for certain civil cases under the Idaho Small Lawsuit Resolution Act (SLRA).

Contact: Maureen Laflin, Mediation Clinic Supervising Attorney, mlaflin@uidaho.edu, (208) 885-6006.