Externship Opportunities in the Treasure Valley

Many students participate in semester-in-practice externships throughout the region around Boise. An externship offers a student the chance to try out a particular job or to work with a particular area of law, giving a glimpse of what the work is like without requiring the student to commit to the job for more than a semester. This is a great way to determine whether or not a particular type of work or job is right for you!

For 3L students with limited licenses, the opportunity to appear in court can be a defining moment in a law school career. Those working with county prosecutors or public defenders often end up taking a case from pretrial motions (allowing them to present oral argument on motions to suppress or to dismiss) all the way to trial (giving them the opportunity to put the rules of evidence into practice). Those working for the Court get a behind-the-scenes look at how judges approach the issues they are tasked with deciding while also further developing their research and writing skills. Students working for general counsel's office in a health care network or for a corporation learn the many legal challenges these entities work to resolve every day.

Externships also provide an opportunity for students to meet a variety of practitioners, judges, and others working in the legal field.

Extensive Externships Available

A variety of externships are available in virtually every area of law.

We have students who extern at the following:

  • State and federal courts
  • State and federal government agencies
  • Private corporations (such as Simplot and Bodybuilding.com)
  • The Idaho State Bar
  • The Idaho legislature
  • Idaho Legal Aid Services
  • The American Civil Liberties Union
  • County prosecutor and public defender offices
  • The United States Attorney’s Office

Tax and Bankruptcy Externships and Clerkships

If tax law is your interest, you can work at the Idaho Tax Commission. For bankruptcy, we place students in clerkships with the federal bankruptcy judges. In some cases, an externship may be the only opportunity a student has to clerk for a judge.

Clerkships are available with the following:

  • The federal district courts
  • The state district courts
  • The bankruptcy courts
  • The state appellate courts

Specialized Externships

We also have students who arrange for more specialized externships, like those with the Administrative Office of the Courts, where students work to help develop policy and set up specialty courts (like domestic violence or drug courts). Students can also work with policy issues at our externships with the Office of the Governor and with the Idaho Senate Majority Leader. Students interested in natural resource law have opportunities to work with the state’s water law experts at the Idaho Attorney General’s Office or with the Department of Environmental Quality, as well as with experienced non-profit conservation groups.

Limited Externships with Private Firms

Typically, we do not allow externships with private firms except in limited circumstances that facilitate curricular development. For instance, we have had students with an interest in intellectual property work at an intellectual property firm.

We will work to help you find an externship that gives you some exposure to areas of law that interest you.

Contact Katie Ball at ktball@uidaho.edu to discuss externship opportunities available for you.