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The Boise curriculum offers a dynamic mix of doctrinal and clinical programs for College of Law students interested in a broad array of educational programs, with courses available in most of our emphasis areas.

You can find the profiles of all our faculty on the Meet Our People page.

Doctrinal Courses

On the doctrinal side, we have experienced faculty teaching a wide range of courses, including the following:

  • LAW 901 Complex Litigation
  • LAW 901 Corporate Taxation*
  • LAW 901 Education Law
  • LAW 901 Urban Development
  • LAW 901 Worker’s Compensation
  • LAW 903 Introduction to Intellectual Property*
  • LAW 904 Federal Courts
  • LAW 905 Constitutional Law II*
  • LAW 907 Administrative Law*
  • LAW 908 Workplace Law
  • LAW 918 Internet Law*
  • LAW 919 Business Associations*
  • LAW 920 Securities Regulation*
  • LAW 923 Negotiable Instruments*
  • LAW 924 Sales*
  • LAW 925 Property Security*
  • LAW 926 Bankruptcy*
  • LAW 930 Taxation*
  • LAW 941 Wills, Estates, and Trusts*
  • LAW 944 State and Local Government Law*
  • LAW 950 Evidence*
  • LAW 952 Remedies
  • LAW 953 Criminal Procedure*
  • LAW 962 Professional Responsibility*
  • LAW 963 Family Law*
  • LAW 971 Lawyering Process*
  • LAW 980 Copyrights *
  • LAW 984 Real Estate Transactions
  • LAW 992 White Collar Crime*

*These courses are offered annually.

We supplement the above courses with additional doctrinal courses that vary each year, from Environmental Law for Businesses to National Security Law.


Student from the Economic Development Clinic on a site visit in the Tetons.Students and faculty on a site visit in Teton County for the Economic Development Clinic.

For 3rd year students, we offer real life clinical experiences, supervised by experienced attorneys, in the following clinics:

Each clinic provides 3rd year students the opportunity to meet with actual clients and apply their doctrinal learning to real-life problems and solutions.  The clinics on the Boise Campus, like those of the Moscow Campus, have received significant accolades.

Emphasis Areas

The following emphasis areas can be completed at the Boise Campus:

  • Business Law and Entrepreneurship Emphasis:  can be completed by 2Ls or 3Ls on the Boise Campus
  • Natural Resources and Environmental Law Emphasis:  can be completed by 3Ls on the Boise Campus
  • Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution: can be completed by 2Ls or 3Ls on the Boise Campus

Although not all emphasis areas are available on the Boise Campus at this time, the variety of course offerings in Boise, as well as opportunities generally available in the community, should also be considered by students in choosing between campuses.  For instance, a student may not be able to complete a particular emphasis on the Boise Campus, but may be able to take advantage of externships, community activities, and clinics that would equally advance a student’s career.  Several examples of the diverse experiences on the Boise Campus include:

  • The Idaho Law Review symposium will be held on the Boise Campus on April 3, 2015, on the topic of Privacy in the Age of Pervasive Surveillance, featuring keynote speaker David Medine, Chairman, White House Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board;
  • The Idaho Symposium on Energy in the West, a new collaboration with the Center for Advanced Energy Studies, which brings together students from both campuses with leading practitioners and scholars in energy law;
  • The Idaho Municipal Attorneys Association held its annual winter meeting on the Boise Campus in January, 2015, and invited students to attend;
  • Students in Environmental Law class attended the Legislative Update session of the Idaho Environmental Forum in January, 2015, where numerous members of the Legislature and leading attorneys spoke about major environmental issues facing Idaho;
  • Dave Glaser, president of the Montana Community Development Corporation, talked to students and community leaders about the use of New Markets Tax Credits as a way to assist development of low-income communities;

Co-Curricular & Extra-Curricular Opportunities

The College of Law offers a range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to students in Boise, including opportunity to participate in the Idaho Law Review, the crit, student competitions and all student organizations. In addition, students in Boise have the unique opportunity to attend in person a variety of Idaho State Bar Practice Sections and other professional organization meetings.

Planning for Boise

Students interested in the studying in Boise are encouraged to talk to their advisors or Boise faculty about mandatory curricular planning that will facilitate their transition to Boise.