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College of Law Statewide

College of Law Statewide

The University of Idaho College of Law is entering its second century of providing high-quality, affordable, public legal education to Idaho. The College’s centennial occurs when the state is experiencing fundamental change. Significant population growth has led to changes in the demographics and economic development of Idaho. Consider the following:

  • Idaho’s population has doubled since 1973.
  • Boise has grown into a metropolitan city with a population of more than 200,000, and 600,000 with its surrounding areas, making it the state’s center of commerce and government.
  • The statewide demand for legal expertise to support economic development, administration of criminal and civil justice, and services needed by Idaho families continues to rise.

In response, the College of Law has established the Second Century Initiative in an effort to meet Idaho's increasing demands.

In furtherance of the Initiative, a Boise based option received confirmation from the American Bar Association. As reported previously in "First Monday," the third-year program in Boise was thoroughly reviewed by the ABA before the program commenced operation in August, 2010.

Second Century Initiative: Expansion to Boise

In August 2008, the Idaho State Board of Education authorized the establishment of a third-year option in Boise. This allows 30 plus law students per year to complete their third year of studies in Boise. The College has now received ABA approval for a second-year option in Boise.

The Idaho Law & Justice Learning Center is a collaborative effort of the UI College of Law and the Idaho Supreme Court, and will include the Idaho State Law Library, the education program for the UI College of Law, the judicial education programs of the Idaho Supreme Court, and civic and law-related education for the general public. This will also include state-of-the-art distance learning, faculty and staff offices, work centers, and requisite office, gathering, and storage spaces.

Learn more about the Second Century Initiative.