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Strategic Initiatives

NOTE: The Strategic Plan below is from 2013 and is only available here for reference. In the coming months, ITS will be working on a new strategic plan defining a vision for information technology services at the University of Idaho.

Directed by “Leading Idaho,” and developed through customer feedback, our view of the future of technology, our mission and our vision, ITS will undertake the following strategic initiatives.  This list of strategic initiatives is a living entity, changing through addition and subtraction, in order to accommodate future needs.  As strategic initiatives are completed, new initiatives will be added that best support and provide maximum value to the University Idaho.

It is important to understand that many of the projects reflected here represent additional work above the already significant operational duties for which ITS staff are responsible.   It is not expected that additional staff can be added to support these initiatives, though appropriate staffing levels will be recommended to senior administration.  The effective use of available positions, the hiring of temporary help, the engagement of consultants, the deferral of certain operational tasks, the exploration of operational efficiencies, and the acceptance of additional risk in certain areas are all tactics that may be used to ensure that these projects are completed successfully.

The planning process has proved that there are more projects to be done than resources to do them.   While prioritization of which projects to undertake is difficult, the following criteria were used in the evaluation:

  • Does the project help achieve one or more objectives?
  • Is significant value added to the UI community through the successful completion of the initiative?
  • Is the desired direction clear and achievable?
  • Are financial resources available both for implementation and long-term support?
  • Are staff trained (or is training possible) and do they have time for the projects in addition to normal operational responsibilities?

  • 13-1 Work with Human Resources to update ROJDs and ensure proper employee classifications


    Owner: Ewart
    Target Completion Date: 06/30/2013

    Status: Delayed - The University of Idaho's Human Resources department has launched a comprehensive study of the institutions current classification and compensation system. Using outside consultants, the focus for the next eight to nine months is to do a thorough review and offer suggestions for improvements on employee recruitment and retention. HR has requested reclassifications be done on an emergency basis only for the duration of this study. The CIO has asked for his direct reports to submit a list of required reclassifications and  and decisions will be made when a complete list is in hand.
    There are currently 27 ROJD’s for current employees that have significant differences between the documented responsibilities of the position and the responsibilities actually performed. This has led to improper classifications and in some cases has restricted both employee development and the best possible utilization of employee skills.
    Objectives supported: 5,7
  • 13-2Develop and implement an ITS employee engagement and recognition program

    Completed 11/5/2012

    Owner: Holthaus
    Target Completion Date: 09/30/2012

    Status: Completed - An ITS Employee Recognition Committee has established scope and goals to move forward with into 2013. This established group will split focus between engaging ITS in UI activities and recognizing ITS employees for their contributions to the department and university.

    Recognition and rewarding ITS employees for contributions help support the ITS mission of fostering a positive work environment. Participating in activities on campus (job fairs, early construction, staff appreciation fairs, etc) will assist ITS in achieving its vision of being the partner of choice for any technological needs at the University of Idaho.

    Without a doubt, the greatest asset of ITS is its people. Retaining our current people through opportunities for training, personal development, recognition of hard work and opportunities to have fun should be our primary focus. By achieving this, we will also make ITS an even more desirable place to work, allowing us to successfully compete for new talent.
    Objectives supported: 7
  • 13-3Achieve the technical aspects of PCI compliance

    Team Engaged

    Owner: Quinn
    Target Completion Date: 06/30/2013

    Status: Team Engaged - A charter has been drafted and a steering team has been identified. The steering team consists of members from ITS, Auxiliary Services and Controller's Office and is being led by Information Technology Services. They will identify risks for non-compliance, review technical solutions, identify policy and process changes and make a formal recommendation to DFA VP Smith for the best overall approach on this initiative.

    The University of Idaho is not currently PCI compliant from a network perspective, which is critical to provide credit card payment options for University services. A plan has been created to achieve PCI compliance but funding has not been available to implement the plan. Over $23,000,000 is expected to flow through the University’s ecommerce system in FY 2012, so continuing out of compliance represents a significant risk in terms of data loss, fines and reputational damage.
    Objectives supported: 4
  • 13-4Replace current faculty/staff email solutions

    Completed 4/19/2013

    Owner: Lanham
    Target Completion Date: 04/19/2013

    Status: Completed 4/19/2013 - ITS has successfully migrated all student, staff, faculty, alumni and retiree accounts to the new Office 365 domain. The old Exchange 2003 server and hybrid server has been decommissioned.

    The current University email solution is based on Microsoft Exchange 2003 and does not offer many of the modern functions demanded by email users. The general direction is to upgrade to Exchange 2010 using Microsoft 365 cloud- based email service but a full requirement definition is important before a final decision is made. The cloud-based solution may be at no charge to UI, but the upgrade project, regardless of the technology decision, represents a significant effort.
    Objectives supported: 2,4,5,6
  • 13-5Improve the backup Internet connection

    Complete 10/18/2012

    Owner: Jemes
    Target Completion Date: 10/31/2012

    Status: Complete - The backup Internet connection upgrade has been completed on 10/18/2012. The total backup bandwidth is 45 percent of regular bandwidth use. We plan on having the backup bandwidth doubled by the end of October.
    The University of Idaho relies on the Idaho Regional Optical Network (IRON) for its primary Internet connection. If the IRON connection fails, the current backup connection provides less than 5% of the bandwidth used on a regular basis, resulting in an effective shutdown of services in the event there is a problem with IRON. The most desirable solution is a low-cost “retainer” that allows us to move all traffic to the backup connection in the event of an IRON failure.
    Objectives supported: 4
  • 13-6Implement federated identity management

    Completed 2/28/2013

    Owner: B. Kirchmeier
    Target Completion Date: 02/28/2013

    Status - Completed 2/28/2013 - Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) have been installed on production servers as a milestone for the Office 365 migration. This service, however, may be used for other systems requiring university-based authentication.

    To improve overall security as well as to improve ease of access to cloud-based resources for researchers, faculty and students, the University of Idaho joined InCommon in 2009. InCommon is a group of higher education and research organizations that have agreed to trust one another and allow access to computer resources based on trust relationships. Being able to truly realize the values of InCommon and federated identity management require the implementation of technology and active participation in the InCommon Federation, which is made up of over 300 institutions of higher education, government agencies and government research labs. The project to implemented federated identity management will be to specifically support the upgrade of the University’s email system but will serve as a foundation for future integration projects.
    Objectives supported: 3,4,6
  • 13-7Implement new data storage

    Completed 8/2/2013

    Owner: Granja
    Target Completion Date: 06/30/2013

    Status: Completed 8/2/2013 - The project has been completed successfully and the old hardware has been decommissioned.

    The University of Idaho uses a significant amount of disk storage to store data from administrative systems, files, research, web pages and other sources. The current central storage solution is five years old, slower than newer solutions and nearing capacity. While the long-term goal is to utilize cloud based storage wherever possible, current bandwidth costs and the lack of a sufficient redundant Internet connection make cloud-based storage an expensive and risky proposition. The implementation of a new Storage Area Network (SAN) on the Moscow campus, but serving all of the University’s locations, will act as the bridge until cloud storage becomes a better possibility.
    Objectives supported: 1,2,4
  • 13-8Implement new data backup architecture

    Completed 7/12/2013

    Owner: Granja
    Target Completion Date: 06/30/2013

    Status: Completed 7/12/2013 - This project has been completed successfully and the old hardwar has been decommissioned.

    The data stored on the SAN mentioned above must be reliably backed up in the event that data recovery is required. The current data backup solution is based on tapes that are high risk, require off-site storage and make recovery a time- consuming process. A disk-based data backup architecture will better serve our needs and, again, act as a bridge until cloud-based solutions are a better option.
    Objectives supported: 1,2,4,5
  • 13-9Rollout the first phase of virtual student computer labs

    Completed 8/20/2012

    Owner: Michelson
    Target Completion Date: 08/20/2012
    ITS makes a significant number of specialized software applications available to faculty and students through workstations in computer labs on the Moscow campus. With ongoing concerns over space utilization and a growing need (and expectation) that lab software will be available at both the Centers and at other UI locations besides the Moscow-based computer labs, the lab software must also be made available to students and faculty, from anywhere, with a broadband internet connection. This will also allow access to software on many of the BYOD devices like netbooks and tablets.
    Objectives supported: 2,4
  • 13-10Complete the first phase of the computer lab technology refresh

    Completed 8/17/2012

    Owner: Michelson
    Target Completion Date: 07/31/2012
    Most computers in the student computer labs and computer classrooms are nearing five years old. Labs are critically important in allowing students access to expensive software, provided by the University, to complete class assignments and research projects.
    Objectives supported: 2,4
  • 13-11Rollout the first phase of UI mobile application

    Completed 3/15/2013

    Owner: Calabough
    Target Completion Date: 12/31/2012

    Status: Completed- Version 1.0 of the University of Idaho mobile application has been published on both the Google Play (Android Devices) and Apple App Store (iOS devices). This is a free application that provides information on campus activities and events at the University of Idaho as well as student course schedules and grades, maps and directory content. Regular updates to this application will be posted as new features and enhancements are developed.

    The University does not currently have a standard platform for mobile application development nor an institutional mobile application. If not rectified soon, many different departments will begin mobile application development efforts, incurring significant costs and not allowing for integration with core systems. An ITS proof of concept is currently underway to determine the technical feasibility of the technology provided by our Banner vendor but no final decisions on technology or functionality have been made. The project to roll out the first phase of the mobile application will be to understand current mobile initiatives, determine UI needs, determine the appropriate technology platform, create a proof of concept, and begin planning for phase 2.
    Objectives supported: 2,4,6
  • 13-12Complete the first phase of upgrading classroom technology to add digital signal capabilities

    Completed 8/09/2013

    Owner: Clifford
    Target Completion Date: 08/09/2013

    Status: Completed 8/9/2013 - The project has been completed and new hardware has been fully integrated in the classrooms.

    ITS’ award winning classroom technology group have integrated hardware and software solutions in the classrooms that have been very well received by faculty and students. However, much of the technology is at the end of its useful life and requires replacement. It is important to upgrade the technology to include digital signal capabilities which will allow presenters to connect laptops and other devices that output signals in digital-only formats, such as HDMI, DVI-D, DisplayPort, and Thunderbolt. The current analog infrastructure cannot support digital signals.
    Objectives supported: 1,2,4
  • 13-13Develop a plan for a cost effective video conferencing solution for classes and meetings

    Completed 5/31/2012

    Owner: Thompson
    Target Completion Date: 12/31/2012

    Status: Completed 5/31/2012- The plan has been delivered to the CIO.
    Video conferencing represents a significant opportunity for increased success given the University of Idaho’s Land Grant mission, multiple statewide locations, and the desire to make classes available to all. Unfortunately, current video conferencing solutions are aging, require significant financial and personnel resources to support, are not integrated to an appropriate level and are supported by a cost structure that discourages use rather than encouraging new ways of thinking. The project to develop a plan for a cost effective video conferencing solution will include inventorying the University’s video conferencing assets, understanding needs, determining the best mix of technology, developing a budget and determining long-term budget availability.
    Objectives supported: 1,2,4,5,6
  • 13-14Implement guest wireless access

    Completed 8/20/2012

    Owner: Jemes
    Target Completion Date: 08/20/2012

    Completed: The guest wireless service, AirVandalGuest, was moved into production on August 20, 2012. The service is available in all locations with an ITS-managed wireless service including the Moscow, Coeur d'Alene and Boise campuses.
    The UI Moscow campus and the UI Centers all welcome many guests to campus, usually people who do not have access to the University network. The lack of a true guest wireless solution limits University groups in who they can invite to campus and further restricts potential revenue generation through conferences and seminars. While security is a key concern, the robust technology infrastructure at the University of Idaho allows for the implementation of a guest wireless system.
    Objectives supported: 1,2,3,4,6
  • 13-15Create a plan for the full implementation of a voice over IP (VOIP) telephone system

    Completed 5/31/2012

    Owner: Thompson
    Target Completion Date: 06/30/2013

    Status: Completed 5/31/2013 - The plan has been delivered to the CIO.
    The Moscow campus’ current telephone system is old, provides only basic dial tone and voicemail and does not scale to include the Centers. A VoIP pilot has been in place for some time, including at Coeur d’Alene, but has not been rolled out to the rest of the University. This project will determine a long-term plan for the implementation of VoIP and prepare for the many extra benefits and potential cost savings that it would provide.
    Objectives supported: 4,5,6
  • 13-16Create a plan for the next generation UI network, both wired and wireless


    Owner: Lien
    Target Completion Date: 03/31/2013

    Status: Delayed - The project has been put on hold and delayed until further notice. ITS will reevaluate the scope of this project and will consider it for possible inclusion in the FY'14 strategic initiatives. In the interim, the Network Team is already aggressively pushing the network into the future, especially in the area of 10 Gigabit Networking.
    The expectations for network access to services has become “anywhere, anytime and really fast.” For many years, “anytime, anywhere” meant wireless networking and “really fast” applied to wired networking. With changes in technology, however, opportunities exist to accomplish all three goals with a new combined network philosophy and implementation. This project will review current and upcoming technology in order to lay out the philosophy behind future UI network expenditures and provide a roadmap and costs for the implementation of that philosophy.
    Objectives supported: 1,2,3,4,6
  • 13-17Create an ITS Service Catalog

    Completed 2/25/2013

    Owner: Kearney
    Target Completion Date: 12/31/2012

    Status: Completed 2/25/2013- The initial design of the Service Catalog was published online at http://uidaho.edu/its on 2/25/2013
    ITS has not historically done a solid job of communicating to the University community the services that it offers. This has, in part, caused the duplication of systems and services that is now prevalent. An ITS service catalog would clearly list the services that ITS provides, how those services can be procured and any associated costs. The ITS service catalog will serve as a foundation for a UI technology service catalog (scheduled as an initiative for FY 2014) that will allow the entire University community to see the technology services already available for ITS and non-ITS units.
    Objectives supported: 4,5
  • 13-18Redesign and re-implement the ITS website with a focus on customer needs

    Completed 2/27/2013

    Owner: B. Kirchmeier
    Target Completion Date: 2/27/2013

    Status: Completed 2/27/2013 - The new ITS website, with a focus on customers and offered services, has been published at http://www.uidaho.edu/its.
    The current ITS website is built around the structure of ITS. It requires that a customer understand how ITS is organized in order to find information. The website will be redesigned to focus on the services detailed in the service catalog and around making transparent the operations, goals and projects of ITS.
    Objectives supported: 6
  • 13-19Develop a five-year budget model for ITS, by service and by unit

    Completed 5/1/2013

    Owner: George
    Target Completion Date: 06/30/2013

    Status: Completed 5/1/13- The five-year budget model is complete effective 5/1/2013. We will be using it during the FY14 ITS strategic planning process to model selected initiatives.
    Due to conservative fiscal management, ITS currently has a solid budget position to tackle many of the strategic initiatives outlined in the first year of the strategic plan. A five year budget model will allow for the optimal use of current capital, assist with future prioritization of projects and determine if options like equipment leasing, cloud-based services, and a review of the current technology fee are in UI’s best interests.
    Objectives supported: 1,2,3,5
  • 13-20Drive to completion the implementation of the Advisory Group for Information Technology (AGIT)

    Completed 10/2/2012

    Owner: Ewart
    Target Completion Date: 08/02/2012

    Status: Completed - AGIT membership has been set and three meetings have been conducted. A business process, project request forms and a supporting five-year TCO template have all been created and published to the new AGIT website, www.uidaho.edu/its/agit.

    Two projects have gone through the AGIT process, with one other being more than half-way done and two projects in the beginning stages. Discussions have been held with executive leadership, deans and associate deans, the faculty senate and DFA leadership. Additional communication to a UI-wide audience is expected to be complete by October 31, 2012.

    The University does not have a clear view of the resources or personnel it devotes to technology and often is very reactive, rather than proactive, to technology projects. Often products are purchased without a clear understanding of long term costs, impacts on existing processes or a clear view of the priority of a project from an overall perspective. As a result, duplications are created and resources are not utilized in the manner that best serves the University. It is necessary to more closely align technology strategies with the overall institutional goals and mission and AGIT can provide a standard process for maximizing the chance of technology project success.
    Objectives supported: 1,2,3,4,5,6
  • 13-21In partnership with Center personnel, develop formal five-year support plans for technology at the Coeur d'Alene, Boise and Idaho Falls Centers

    Initial Discussions

    Owner: B. Kirchmeier
    Target Completion Date: 06/30/2013

    Status: Initial Discussions -- Currently planning visits to Center locations with other ITS personnel. Visiting dates will be determined with technology staff at state-wide locations in the near future. ITS staff from Customer Support, Systems and Networking teams are engaged in developing plans for this initiative.

    Both ITS and the Centers would benefit from a clear understanding of how ITS can provide assistance and the service levels associated with that assistance. Good planning will allow the Centers to better budget for technology and to improve the service levels that they provide to their students, faculty and staff through taking advantage of what ITS can offer and then focusing efforts on specific services that they are better positioned to provide.
    Objectives supported: 1,2,5,6
  • 13-22Identify duplication of technology services at UI and make recommendations on remediation steps

    Initial Pass Complete

    Owner: Lanham
    Target Completion Date: 06/30/2013

    Status: Initial Pass Completed - Based on conversations between the CIO and various campus constituents, an inital list of duplications has been identified.
    During the course of the strategic planning effort, a number of instances have been identified where University units have duplicated services provided by ITS or where ITS is providing a service that could better be provided by a University unit. Collaboration between ITS and UI units will create recommendations that, if implemented, will save money, free valuable personnel time and provide the best possible services to UI.
    Objectives supported: 1,4,5
  • 13-23Formalize role in research computing

    Initial Discussions

    Owner: Ewart
    Target Completion Date: 3/31/2013

    Status: Initial Discussions - Discussions continue with Northwest Knowledge Network leadership concerning the role of both the NKN and ITS in supporting research computing. The CIO is now a part of the NKN Transitional Leadership Team, giving insight into NKN and the ability to understand where NKN and ITS need to collaborate in order to provide the necessary support for research at the University of Idaho. A new target date of March 31st, 2013 has been set for the formalization of ITS' role in research computing.

    The CIO has been in detailed discussions with Distance and Extended Education, University Communications and Marketing and other UI units to begin formalizing ITS' role in support of the web. Progress on this item was slowed in part due to the departure of the DEE director and the departure of two web developers from ITS.

    The growth and success of Northwest Knowledge Network (NKN) has shown the need for a symbiotic relationship between NKN and ITS in order to successfully provide the computing resources required by researchers. The formalization and clear understanding of this relationship, and a clear delineation of roles and responsibilities, will ensure the best use of UI resources.
    Objectives supported: 3,4,6
  • 13-24Develop and implement a plan for lean continuous improvement in ITS

    Complete 10/9/2012

    Owner: Wood
    Target Completion Date: 10/01/2012

    Status: Complete - The ITS Continuous Improvement (CI) team leaders, along with Dan Ewart, have developed and implemented a plan for Lean CI within ITS. The plan has clearly-designed action items that will be incorperated by ITS to meet this initiative.

    Each item will have a measurable goal associated with it and will have a list of operational tasks that will occur to help ITS meet these goals.

    ITS has already established a record of success in lean continuous improvement. It is now time to take the next step in maturation by imbedding this methodology into our culture in ITS. This will include identifying and prioritizing lean initiatives for the best possible return on the investment of people’s time and energy.
    Objectives supported: 5
  • 13-25Conduct an internal security audit and build action items into operational and strategic plans

    Recommendation Document Received

    Owner: Lien
    Target Completion Date: 06/30/2013

    Status: Recommendation document received - We have received a security review summary and recommendation document from the Indiana University security team. Our goal now is to do an initial review of the document and then make it available for distribution.

    As has been mentioned a number of times, security is of the utmost importance. A thorough review of current security resources, practices and vulnerabilities will provide recommendations and result in immediate and long-term actions. Recommendations on intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention systems, decentralized security and possible changes to the ITS organization structure to put an increased focus on information security should all be included.
    Objectives supported: 1,4,5
  • 13-26Develop institutional standards for laptops, desktops, scanners and printers and a process for the regular update of the standard

    Completed 9/10/2013

    Owner: English
    Target Completion Date: 10/01/2012

    Status: Completed 9/10/2013- The Lenovo specifications have been compiled and made available on the main ITS website. This compiled list of purchasable machines will be revisited ever six to eight months for updates, or when a major model or component release occurs.

    University personnel spend a significant amount of time researching, ordering, configuring and maintaining laptops, desktops, scanners and printers. While there are sometimes specific needs for equipment based on science or the software required for a discipline, almost all needs can be met by a standard set of equipment. Not only will standard models prevent the need for research and selection processes but they will also allow for economies of scale in ordering, significantly reduced time in maintenance, better warranties, lower overall costs and quicker turnaround in the event of failures.
    Objectives supported: 1,4,5
  • 13-27Formalize the role of ITS in the overall UI web presence

    Initial Discussions

    Owner: Ewart
    Target Completion Date: 12/31/2012

    Status: Initial Discussions - Initial Discussions have been held between ITS and Advancement and Enrollment Management. Additional discussions and a position paper outlining responsibilities are planned.
    The web presence of a higher education institution is made up of much more than just its website. Intranets, collaboration tools, mobile applications, mobile websites, instructor websites, student websites and other factors must be considered. To be successful, ITS must understand its role in the overall web presence and ownership of the University domain and, as necessary, ensure that all involved parties understand their respective roles and the interdependencies between them.
    Objectives supported: 1,5,6
  • 13-28Implement a central code repository for the university software development

    Completed 10/30/2012

    Owner: Hall
    Target Completion Date: 10/31/2012

    Status: Completed - Final configuration of the service and initial repositories has been completed and the source code for anchor tenants has been loaded. All Banner developers have been granted access to their departmental repositories and have been notified that they are authorized to start managing the source code through this service.

    Follow up project plans have been evelped for defining the guidelines when using the repository service and integrating our exsisting release management processes.

    ITS/MIS currently provides a directory-based infrastructure dating to the initial implementation of Banner for managing all software related to our enterprise systems. This infrastructure is long overdue to be replaced with a centrally- managed code repository that can be used by all developers. The absence of such an environment presents a considerable risk to the University. Implementing this repository would also offer an initial opportunity to integrate the processes of the Enterprise and Web Development teams.
    Objectives supported: 4,5,7
  • 13-29Develop a service review process and phase out the following services currently offered by ITS: BlackBerry support, laptop checkout program, support for personal printing devices

    Completed 8/26/2012

    Owner: Lanham
    Target Completion Date: 12/31/2012

    Status: Completed - The process has been documented, reviewed and published both internally and externally. A fully-published copy of the document can be found here.
    As technology changes, the need for some services will change or even disappear. ITS needs a process by which its services are analyzed and critical decisions are made about the best use of resources. The three specific projects listed here are key examples of services that are not cost effective and where alternatives exist.
    Objectives supported: 5
  • 13-30Shut down the Luminis "MyUIdaho" portal

    Complete 10/16/2012

    Owner: Borchers
    Target Completion Date: 10/31/2012

    Status: Complete - All portal services have been shut down. Traffic to the my.uidaho.edu URL has been redirected to a temporary launch page offering links to VandalWeb and Banner Workflow. This launch page will be disabled in December after all in-progress workflows have passed through the system.

    Supporting infrastructure (Oracle databases, servers and supporting account management processes) have been decommissioned. As of October 16, we have made it through a full processing cycle of web time entry through VandalWeb with minimal impact on customers.

    MyUIdaho has never achieved the significant role envisioned at its implementation. The technology to provide the portal is expensive and very time intensive. Additionally much of the functionality in the portal is available through other software. The project associated with the shutdown of the MyUIdaho portal will consist of identifying critical functionality, ensuring that functionality is available through other systems, working with units to revise documentation and processes, informing UI constituents of shutdown-related activities and then completing the actual shutdown.
    Objectives supported: 5
  • 13-31Implement first phase of desktop management internal to ITS

    Completed 8/28/2013

    Owner: Michelson
    Target Completion Date: 05/31/2013

    Status: Completed 8/28/2013 - The first phase of desktop management internet to ITS has been completed successfully.
    ITS has built a robust and reliable desktop management infrastructure which provides services for desktop imaging, software distribution, patch management, desired configuration management and inventory. Providing these services to departments internal to ITS will eliminate redundant services, unify security management, improve asset management, provide the ability to automate the implementing of standardization of hardware and software and serve as a pilot program for rolling this service out to the wider University audience.
    Objectives supported: 4,5