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ITS Locations

Help Desk

Teaching Learning Center Room 128
Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm
Phone: (208) 885-4357 (HELP) 


ITS Administration Offices
Administration Building
Room 140
875 Perimeter Drive MS 3155
Moscow, ID 83844-3155
Phone: (208) 885-6721
Fax: (208) 885-7539

Media Center

Teaching Learning Center 131 
Phone: (208) 885-6411
Fax: (208) 885-0566

Records Management

Office of Records Management
Pitman Center (SUB)
Room 53
875 Perimeter Drive MS 4247
Moscow, ID 83844-4247
phone: (208) 885-2580

Current Hours of Operation
Mon: 7:30-4:30pm
Tue: 7:30-11:30am
Wed: 7:30-11:30am
Thur: 7:30-11:30am

Vandal Cards

Pitman Center (SUB)
Room 124
875 Perimeter Drive MS 4256
Moscow, ID 83844-4256
Phone: (208) 885-7522
Fax: (208) 885-9208

Telephone Services

Administration Building 
Room 133
875 Perimeter Drive MS 3155
Moscow, ID 83844-3155
Phone: (208) 885-5800
Fax: (208) 885-7539

Classroom and Media Support

  • Classroom AV support
    Service Name
    Classroom AV support
    TS provides installation, management, maintenance and support to users of classroom computers and audio/visual equipment.

    ITS provides classroom AV support upon request to all current students, faculty, staff and departments.
    Qualified classrooms include:
    - General purpose classrooms controlled by the Registrar’s Office
    - Non-general purpose classrooms built and maintained by ITS and covered under the terms of an MOU or other agreement between the department/owner and ITS

    Self Service Information None
    Requesting Assistance
    General Classroom users can request assistance from the eHelp button located on each classroom control system touch panel. Additionally, email, telephone and walk-in support is provided. For help that is not time critical, send us a quick ticket with your information
    Related Policies and ITS Standards
    Per ITS and Registrar’s office policy, access to the media equipment in the classrooms will be provided by ITS Classroom Technology Services (CTS) after a required equipment orientation session.  Contact CTS at 208-885-0570 or email mmrooms@uidaho.edu to schedule an orientation session.
    Procedures and Service Agreements
    Classroom Technologies Support Service Agreement
    Rates There is no fee associated to general classroom users. Department-controlled spaces (such as conference rooms) are charged $60/hr for labor costs plus the cost of materials.
    Service Provider
    G. Clifford
    Classroom Technology Services Manager
    Service also known as
    Classrooms, Classroom Support, Classroom Technology Services, CTS, avhelp@uidaho.edu, AV help
  • ITS Media Center
    Service Name
    Media Center

    The ITS Media Center provides short-term AV and technology equipment checkout for students, faculty and staff at the University of Idaho in support of assignments and administration of the University.

    The Media Center also offers services to process video and change formats, creating files for playback or editing under copyright laws. 

    The Media Center also provides conference support on campus and in the region and maintains, replaces, and repairs equipment in legacy classrooms.
    This service is available to all students, faculty, staff, university departments, and retirees.
    Self Service Information The Media Center website (http://www.webpages.uidaho.edu/mcenter/) has checkout policy information, equipment listings, student forms and how-to guides.
    Requesting Assistance

    Send us a quick ticket with your information or customers can request assistance by emailing the Media Center at mcenter@uidaho.edu or by phone at 208-885-6411

    Related Policies and ITS Standards
    The Media Center abides by the Administrative Procedures Manual (APM), the Faculty Staff Handbook (FHS) and the University of Idaho Computer Use Policy.
    Procedures and Service Agreements
    Students can check out equipment by providing an authorization form signed by a teacher, while staff and faculty have to provide a budget number in order to cover lost or damaged equipment, as well as to ensure equipment is used for university functions.

    Equipment rental is provided at no extra cost to students, staff and faculty for class assignments and/or university events. Equipment to be used at events charging fees has to be rented at a reduced rate.

    The Media Center can deliver and set up equipment all over campus - in classrooms, conference rooms and departmental rooms for a nominal labor fee.

    Troubleshooting checked out equipment or in-house help with Media Center equipment is free.

    Labor costs for deliveries, setup, conferences and tech support is charged at $25/per person per hour.

    Video processing is charged at $6/hour based on the length of video and conference support is charged with a minimal hourly labor fee.

    Full listings of Media Center Rates

    Service Provider
    L. Cantrell
    Media Services Center Coordinator
    Service also known as
    ITS Loan Pool
  • Presentation equipment checkout