Service Name
Bulk e-mailing
ITS offers bulk mailing solutions for a large number (300+) of senders using custom mailman listservs for one time or recurring bulk mailing requests which conventional mail accounts are unable to do. Target recipients can include affiliated U of I faculty or staff, alumni, students or any other non-UI email addresses.
Bulk e-mailing is available to students, faculty, staff and departments at the University of Idaho.
Self Service Information ITS does not offer self-service options for this service.
Requesting Assistance or send a template email, a list of intended recipients and a desired send date to with the subject title "Bulk Mailing"
Related Policies and ITS Standards This service does not have any policies.
Procedures and Service Agreements

Rates There is no fee associated with this service.
Service Provider B. Kirchmeier 
ITS Customer Service Manager
Service also known as Mailman, Listserv, Mass Mailing