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Bulk e-mailing
ITS offers two solutions for bulk mailing to large numbers (300+) of recipients. MailChimp is available for both one time and recurring requests. It provides mail tracking information, such as message opens and link clicking. Mailman is available when a group would like to maintain a mailing list with subscription capability, and the ability to moderate outgoing messages.

Bulk e-mailing is available to faculty, staff and departments at the University of Idaho.
Students with bulk mailing requests must go through ASUI.

Self Service Information After a mailman list is setup by ITS it becomes self-service bulk mailing.
Requesting Assistance or send a template email, a list of intended recipients, subject line and a desired send date to
Related Policies and ITS Standards Some mass mailing may be rejected due to content which is better suited to a different delivery method, such as the daily Register email.
Procedures and Service Agreements

Rates There is no fee associated with this service.
Service Provider B. Kirchmeier 
ITS Customer Service Manager
Service also known as Mailman, Listserv, Mass Mailing, MailChimp