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Self-Help: Accessing your Webspace

Accessing your Web Space

This tutorial applies to the following operating system(s):

Windows        Macintosh


The University is does not provide personal web space by default. However, faculty and staff can request web space by demonstrating an academic need or purpose. Once the request has been approved, employees may access sites using SFTP, SSH, Dreamweaver and more.

The easiest way to upload and make changes to your web space is using the File Explorer in Windows or Finder on an Apple machine. You can connect directly to the Shared drive and access your webpage's folder with ease.

Connect using File Explorer

File Explorer Screenshot 1

If you are on a Windows machine, you can access the Shared Drive from within the File Explorer.

Step 1

Open the File Explorer, right-click on This PC from the menu on the left, and select Map network drive.

File Explorer Screenshot 2

Step 2

Choose a letter for your drive location (We recommend S: for Shared), and enter \\files.uidaho.edu\shared in the Folder field.

File Explorer Screenshot 3

Step 3

Navigate to your webpage folder in S:\webpages\.

Connect using Finder

Finder Screenshot 1

If you are using a Mac, you can access the Shared Drive from within Finder.

Step 1

Open Finder, click the Go menu, and select Connect to Server, or simply press the keyboard shortcut command + k to bring up the window.

Finder Screenshot 2

Step 2

Enter smb://files.uidaho.edu/shared as the Server Address and click Connect. This will map your Shared Drive to your machine.

Finder Screenshot 3

Step 3

Navigate to your webpage folder in shared\webpages\.

Connect using SFTP

SFTP Screenshot 1

For the tech-inclined, the webpages folder can be connected using SFPT clients such as FileZilla, WinSCP and others. The process is slightly more complicated and involves connecting to the Unix server before redirecting to the Webpages folder.

Step 1

Using your favorite SFTP program, connect to the server sftp://unix.uidaho.edu with your NetID username and password.

SFTP Screenshot 2

Step 2

You will be loaded into your unix users drive. To access the webpages folder, you will need to change your directory path (called the remote site in FileZilla) from /users/*/*username (the default location when you connect to Unix) to /shared/webpages.

SFTP Screenshot 3

Step 3

This will connect you up to the webpages folder. In here, you will find a list of the webpages you have control over. Double-click the folder of the webpage you want to edit to open it and begin copying content over.

Connect using PuTTY/SSH

SSH Screenshot 1

If text-based editors and Secure Shells are your game, ITS allows connection to the webpages folder using your favorite Shell client (terminal, PuTTY, SSH Secure Shell, etc).

Step 1

Connect to the unix server unix.uidaho.edu using your NetID username and password when prompted. If you are SSH-ing in using the Terminal, run the command ssh @unix.uidaho.edu to connect to the server.

SSH Screenshot 2

Step 2

Once connected, simply change directory by running the command cd /shared/webpages to jump to the webpages folder.

Connect using Dreamweaver

SFTP Screenshot 1

If you are creating your website in the Adobe Dreamweaver software, you can set up your managed site to be on your U of I server. This allows you to easily make changes, updates and publish all from within the program.

Step 1

Open Dreamweaver, click the Site menu, and select New Site…

SFTP Screenshot 2

Step 2

On the Site tab within the Site Setup window, fill in the Site Name and Local Site Folder fields with the name of your website and its location in the webpages folder on the Shared Drive.

SFTP Screenshot 3

Step 3

Click the Local Info tab under Advanced Settings. Fill in the Web URL field with your web address at webpages.uidaho.edu.