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Self-Help: Sophos on Windows

Sophos on Windows

This tutorial applies to the following operating system(s):



ITS offers Sophos Antivirus at no extra cost to all employees and students at the University of Idaho to help protect their machines from viruses and malware. This tutorial will walk you through installing the Sophos antivirus client on a Windows machine.

Step 1

Sophos antivirus is available for free to University of Idaho students, staff and faculty members to install on their work as well as personal machines. The following tutorial will guide you through the installation of Sophos antivirus on your Windows machine.

Before downloading the software, you will need to agree to the University of Idaho’s antivirus agreement. To do this, log in to our support site using your MyUidaho username and password.

Step 2

Once logged in, click University Software in the menu on the left, then click the UI Antivirus link. This will bring up the anti virus agreement — click the I agree button to gain access to download Sophos.

Step 3

Download and launch the Sophos AntiVirus Installer. The installer can also be found on our support site.

Step 4

If your computer is not a member of the ad.uidaho.edu domain, you will be prompted to tell the installer on what type of computer you are installing.

Click the applicable button to continue.

Step 5

The installation runs in the background and you will not see a lot of activity on your screen. The only activity you should see is the “Sophos Auto Update” component being installed. Once this component is installed, Sophos will connect to the auto-update server to complete the rest of the install.

Step 6

Once you see the Sophos shield in your system tray, you can right-click and select “View updating status” if you wish to monitor the status of the installation.

Step 7

The auto-update component will download what it needs, then begin the installation process

Step 8

Once the software is installed, you should see the Sophos shield in your system tray (by the clock). If you hover your mouse over the icon, you will see the status of the Sophos Antivirus Client. At this point, it is recommended you save all of your work, close all open applications, and restart your computer

Sophos will now be installed on your computer and will being passively scanning your machine.