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Help Desk

Teaching Learning Center Room 128
Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm
Phone: (208) 885-4357 (HELP) 


ITS Administration Offices
Administration Building
Room 140
875 Perimeter Drive MS 3155
Moscow, ID 83844-3155
Phone: (208) 885-6721
Fax: (208) 885-7539

Media Center

Teaching Learning Center 131 
Phone: (208) 885-6411
Fax: (208) 885-0566

Records Management

Office of Records Management
Pitman Center (SUB)
Room 53
875 Perimeter Drive MS 4247
Moscow, ID 83844-4247
phone: (208) 885-2580

Current Hours of Operation
Mon: 7:30-4:30pm
Tue: 7:30-11:30am
Wed: 7:30-11:30am
Thur: 7:30-11:30am

Vandal Cards

Pitman Center (SUB)
Room 124
875 Perimeter Drive MS 4256
Moscow, ID 83844-4256
Phone: (208) 885-7522
Fax: (208) 885-9208

Telephone Services

Administration Building 
Room 133
875 Perimeter Drive MS 3155
Moscow, ID 83844-3155
Phone: (208) 885-5800
Fax: (208) 885-7539

Classroom Equipment

  • Blu-ray players
    Image of Oppo blu-ray player
    All UI multimedia classrooms are equipped with blu-ray disc players. You can play other types of discs such as DVDs or CDs in the blu-ray players. The blu-ray players are only capable of playing region 1 DVDs and region A blu-ray discs. To playback other international DVDs, please use VLC player on the classroom computer.

    Oppo home screen image
    When there is no disc in the player you will see the following screen. Use the PC for these network applications. 

    Image of blu-ray subpage on classroom touch panel
    Use the Open button on the touch panel or player to load a disc and then press Play. Use the touch panel to control the player. 

  • Computers


    Student Computing Labs maintains all of the software on the installed classroom PCs. If there is a piece of software you'd like to be made available to your students via the campus computer labs please contact us or send a request form to Student Computing Labs.
  • Document cameras
    All technology classrooms have Wolfvision VZ8 Plus 3 document cameras installed. All buttons on the camera itself are disabled--control is via the touch panel only. doc cam folding

    You can lower or raise the document camera head by gently pulling or pushing the ring on the camera arm. There will be a slight 'click' when the camera head is in the proper position.doc cam deploying

    Some guidelines for document camera use:
    • If you are preparing materials for document camera use and you want to display a whole sheet at once, make them in landscape instead of portrait aspect ratio
    • Use the light control button on the touch panel to turn the light off and on. Selecting the document camera as a video source turns the light on
    • Use the preview display (monitor or touch panel) to see exactly what your audience is seeing
  • HDMI connections
    An HDMI connection is available in the lectern top for a laptop or other device with digital video output. Some things to remember:
    • Cables are not provided in the classrooms as they tend to not stay in the classrooms; you should bring your own cable to the classroom. If you forget, contact us and we can provide a loaner. 
    • Digital output that is not HDMI will need to be converted. Many adapters can be checked out from the Media Center. Check with us or bring your laptop by TLC 132 if you have any questions.
  • Presentation remotes
    All University of Idaho technology enhanced classrooms are supplied with wireless RF handheld mice. The same model is installed in every classroom.

    Button layout of classroom wireless presenters
  • Touch panels
    Touch panel in upgraded classroomsAll multimedia equipment in UI technology classrooms is controlled via touch panel. Access to the touch panels is keyed on your Vandal Number. If you are a new user, i.e., you have not used the systems before, please contact us so that we can enter your V-number into the database. We can also offer a short orientation to the system so that you are familiar with it when you get in front of your class. These panels are capacitive, which means they require far less pressure to operate but do not function while wearing gloves.

    Touch panel login page
    Every instructor is required to enter their own Vandal ID number to use the classroom systems. At the end of their session, they are required to log out of the system. Contact us for training and to have your Vandal ID number entered into the classroom access database. The white text area will display a dot for each digit. If you press the white text area, your vandal ID will be shown instead.

    Main touch panel page with the projector controls
    You will be brought to the Main page when you log in. The top row of buttons are controls. The bottom row selects which source should be sent to the projection system. The projector controls will automatically be displayed in the center of the screen. The example to the left indicates the projector is waiting to be turned on.

    Main page controls

    Shows the projector is on
    If the projector is already on then the On button will be grayed out and the options to either turn the projector off or mute the video is enabled.

    Shows the projector is on but video is muted

    When the video is muted the projector will project a black image. The Video mute button’s background will flash orange as a reminder the video is muted. Another press of the button will restore the video of the currently selected source.

    Main page volume controls
    Classrooms with wireless microphones have dual volume controls, otherwise a single volume control will be displayed. The program and microphone volume controls are Mute, - and +. The mute button backgrounds will flash orange when active. Pushing the mute button again will un-mute the program audio or microphone. Increasing or decreasing the volume will also un-mute the audio.

    Projection screen controls on the touch panel
    The Screen button is present in classrooms that allow control of the projection screen from the touch panel. The Up, Down, and Stop buttons mirror the controls on the wall switch located in every classroom.

    Classroom lighting controls

    Some classrooms have the ability to control the room lighting via the touch panel. These buttons mirror the wall switch controls in the room. 

    eHelp support page

    After selecting eHelp, a pre-configured message will be displayed in the message window along with the current room number. Type in a short message or leave the message as is and then push Send. An email message will be sent to Classroom Support and an instant text message will be sent to their cell phones.

    Log out confirmation message
    Every instructor is required to Log out of the touch panel after their class period has ended. The control system will automatically log the computer off 15 seconds after the touch panel has logged out. The projector video will be muted. If another instructor does not log in within 15 minutes, all classroom equipment will be turned off including the projector. Please leave the projector on for the next instructor.

    Source selection

    Main touch panel page
    Classroom sources are located on the bottom of the main page. The page to the left indicates that the PC is the current source displayed on the projector. When a source is selected on the touch panel, a subpage is displayed with additional controls.

    Subpage controls

    Updated alternate audio selection touch panel controls
    If desired, the audio being played can be from a different source than the video being displayed on the projector. This can be accomplished by pressing the Audio select button. This will then display a window that will indicate the current audio source in green and allow a new source to be chosen. If a new source is selected to be displayed on the projector the audio will automatically be set to that source.

    Example of the monitor source selection on various subpages
    On all sources except the PC, the video on the monitor can be changed from the current source to the PC and back again. To accomplish this press the Monitor select button and it will bring up the two options in a window.

    Updated presenter view touch panel controls
    The Monitor select is replaced on the PC subpage by the Display mode button. This will allow you to use the Presenter View in PowerPoint to view the notes for the presentation while displaying the presentation to the class. You must be logged on to the computer to use this option.

    PC subpage

    Updated PC subpage
    The classroom computer has the same software as any of the Student Computing Labs on campus.  

    Document camera subpage

    Document camera subpage
    The controls on the document camera have been disabled. The camera zoom and light controls are along the bottom of the touch panel page. The Reset button is provided to reset all the settings on the document camera to default and can correct some issues experienced during usage.

    Blu-ray player subpage

    Blu-ray subpage without a read disc
    Many of the blu-ray controls will be unavailable and thus grayed out until a disc is read by the player.

    Blu-ray subpage controls after a disc is read



    Once a disc has been read, then full functionality of the player is available. Basic controls are aligned along the bottom of the panel. Please remember to remove your disc before you log off the touch panel as the player will be turned off at that time.

    HMDI input subpage

    HDMI subpage
    Please use the HDMI button for any device that is outputting HDMI, DisplayPort or Thunderbolt. An adapter will be needed for DisplayPort and Thunderbolt to HDMI. This is the the default choice when selecting the HDMI source on the Main Page

    DVI input on the HDMI subpage
    If a device has a DVI output, please press the DVI button. An adapter cable will be needed to convert from DVI to HDMI.

    Analog input subpage

    Analog subpage
    The Analog input can accept VGA or composite video. VGA is the default choice when making the selection on the Main Page.

    Composite video input on the Analog subpage


    To use a video source, such as a VCR, please press the Video button. A custom made adapter cable is also needed to make the connections to the lectern inputs. These can be checked-out from the Media Center.
  • VGA connections
    VGA (15-pin) connections are available in all multimedia classrooms for connecting laptops and other devices with analog video output. Some things to remember:
    • Cables are not provided in the classrooms as they tend to not stay in the classrooms; you should bring your own cable to the classroom. If you forget, contact us and we will give you one of your own. We may also have some with built-in audio to sell (at cost).
    • Analog video that is not VGA-15-pin will need to be adapted; e.g., if you want to hook up a VCR, you will need an adapter to connect the video output of the player to the VGA port on the lectern. You can check out an adapter from the Media Center.
    • An audio jack is provided for sources that include sound. This is a standard 3.5 mm (mini) jack. Again, be sure to bring a cable with you if you need audio.

TLC 132

Office hours
M-F 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Summer hours
M-F 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

(208) 885-0570